The end of Vine


The Vine logo on a computer screen. This creative commons photograph has not been altered and can be found here.

Casey McAnarney, Editor in Chief

Since before the popular six-second video streaming business was bought out by Twitter in late 2012 before they were even launched, Vine has been an integral member of the social media platforms used by younger generations.

There are approximately 200 million people watching Vines every month, according to head of user experience at Vine, Jason Mante, in an interview with Mashable. “Viners,” or users and creators on this platform, have also been noted to make up to 20,000 to 50,000 per ad campaign they participate in, according to Rob Fishman in Complex, who co-founded the company Niche that was also bought by Twitter and paired Vine celebrities with brands.

However, even with this kind of success, Vine put out an official statement detailing that they will be “discontinuing” their mobile application.

According to the statement, nothing will be happening to the apps, website or current Vine videos up on their platform at this time. Vine assures that they will notify users of any changes they make to the app or website prior to doing so.

They also thanked their creators and prominent users for their contributions to the success of the application. They acknowledged them by saying “thank you for taking a chance on this app back in the day.”

Moving forward, the team members of Vine said that they will work closely with creators to answer any questions on the matter. More information will be disclosed in the following days on the blog where the statement was posted as well as on their official Twitter account.