Out-of-state students to see potential tuition increase next year

Chamiya Campbell, News Editor

On Tuesday Nov. 9, the Student Government Association met to discuss a potential 3% increase to tuition plans for out-of-state students. UNC Wilmington changed to a per-credit-hour tuition rate this fall. This change was approved for all UNC system universities through the Campus-Initiated Tuition Increases Committee. Further changes to the out-of-state tuition plan are now being discussed. 

For the 2022-2023 academic year, a 3% increase would bring tuition to $19,063 for undergraduate out-of-state students and $19,104 for graduate out-of-state students. 

The financial aid office in Warwick Center. (Kaylin Damico)

These potential increases would generate an additional $889,671.00 in revenue to split to support two different funds. A graduate tuition remission funding of $488,329 would award students with partial or full reimbursement of the out-of-state tuition difference for those who don’t qualify for in-state tuition. Additionally, a UNCW specific Faculty/Staff retention fund of $401,342.00 would provide additional resources and financial assistance to secure continued faculty and staff employment with the university. 

Currently, tuition is charged up to 12 credit hours for undergraduate students and up to 9 credit hours for graduate students. Undergraduate in-state students pay $185.13 per credit hour while out-of-state students pay $771.17. Graduate in-state students pay $262.17 per credit hour and out-of-state students pay $1,030.45. In-state undergraduates pay an average of $4,400 while graduates pay $4,720 in yearly tuition. For out-of-state students, undergraduates pay an average of  $18,508 while graduates pay $18,548 in yearly tuition.

Further changes and approval of this plan are still under review.