Newly signed law allows campus police to take courses free of charge

Andrew Lemon, Interim News Editor

A bill signed into law on May 7 by Gov. Roy Cooper allows UNC system campus police the opportunity to enroll in an unlimited number of courses free of charge at the university that employs them beginning in the 2021-2022 academic year. The bill reached the desk of the governor following unanimous votes in both the North Carolina House and Senate.

The law will waive tuition and fees related to enrollment in courses for both full-time and part-time campus law enforcement officers.

The need for this law stems from the lack of interest in campus police officer positions, with legislators and university administrators alike hoping that free college courses will sweeten the deal, bringing in new applicants. 

The initiative originated with the UNC board of governors, but was picked up in the Senate, with Wilmington’s Sen. Michael Lee signing on as one of the three primary sponsors of the bill.

An earlier version of the bill placed a limit of three classes per term, but the language was revised in order to make the draw of free classes more alluring to potential applicants.