UNCW leans toward Clinton, College Republicans divided on Trump


Donald Trump and and Hillary Clinton on stage during the second debate between the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016 at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. (Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS)

Casey McAnarney , Editor in Chief

UNC Wilmington students have spoken out in two recent polls on The Seahawk’s Twitter account before and after the second presidential debate, and they voted for Hillary Clinton as their choice for the next president.

This stance on the candidates is no different from a past poll The Seahawk conducted on this exact topic, where Clinton earned 53 percent of the votes and Donald Trump won 47. However, in the poll before the debate, Clinton received 52 percent of the votes, followed by third-party candidate Gary Johnson at 27 percent and Trump at 21. After the debate, Clinton had 61 percent, followed by Trump with 26 percent and Johnson with 13.

Though these numbers are not entirely representative of the university as a whole, seeing as not all of the approximately 14,000 students participated, these numbers show that some students are speaking their mind on this election.

“I think the support for Clinton [The Seahawk] saw through [the] polls really does reflect the values and needs of our peers pretty well,” said UNCW student and former College Democrats President Mansha Kakar.

Kakar imagines this support stems from people recognizing what a “terrorizing” presidency Trump would have, especially in regard to the recently released video that has been taking over American media and social platforms, in which the Republican nominee mentions grabbing women “by the pussy.”

Comments like these and past remarks by Trump have even polarized and divided groups that once publicly supported him.

UNCW’s College Republicans publicly announced their endorsement of Trump during his visit to Trask Coliseum back in August. However, recent Facebook posts and comments show a divide amongst members over supporting the candidate.

College Republicans’ two vice presidents, Jessica Ortiz and Elise Yost, recently got into a Facebook argument over their respective choices on whether or not to continue backing Trump.

When interviewed about this online discussion, Yost said that she personally has always been unsure of whether or not to vote for Trump. “His comments were the last straw,” Yost said about her final decision on the candidate.

However, these comments and her final decision on withdrawing support from the Republican nominee does not mean Yost will vote along with those UNCW students who voted for Clinton in the online poll. Instead, she plans to write in Independent candidate Evan McMullin since Gary Johnson still seems too liberal in her opinion.

Ortiz did not respond to inquiries on this matter, however, her posts on Facebook discussed how the club at UNCW as a whole never rescinded their endorsement of Trump. But, as Yost explained in the Facebook post, this is not representative of each individual member of the club.

Overall, these past few weeks have brought many issues about both Trump and Clinton to light. Clinton has had recent emails leaked by international non-profit organization WikiLeaks that have garnered her even more criticism. But even with these controversial emails and videos coming to light, some UNCW students have still not spoken over their choice for the next president.

Kakar urges all who participated in this poll to vote in the actual election, seeing as “that is where [voting] really matters.” For those students who are still unsure of whom to vote for, Yost looks back to some advice from past contending Republican nominee Ted Cruz, who said to vote one’s conscience.