Bill Clinton to make an appearance in Wilmington

Hannah Williams, News Editor

Bill Clinton is scheduled to make an appearance in Wilmington on behalf of his wife, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, on Wednesday, sources confirm.

A time has not been set, but Andrew Barnhill, a Wilmington native campaigning for incumbent Michael Lee’s seat in the North Carolina Senate, noted to the Star News, “I can confirm that he will be here on Wednesday.”

Unlike Donald Trump and other political campaigners who have stopped in Wilmington, Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak at Cape Fear Community College. Other speakers chose to speak to audiences at UNC Wilmington or other various centers of commerce.

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was in the White House between 1994 and 2000, and his wife, Hillary Clinton, served as First Lady during that time.

Hillary Clinton has not yet made a stop in Wilmington herself, but others have stopped in Wilmington representing her campaign, such as her running mate Tim Kaine who spoke in Wilmington on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

On Sunday, Oct. 23, Hillary Clinton campaigned at UNC Charlotte.

The Tar Heel State has been a key battle ground for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and both campaigns have made particular efforts to make several stops in North Carolina as the election season progresses. Most experts agree that North Carolina could swing either Democrat or Republican when Nov. 8 rolls around, but currently several news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, RealClearPolitics and Politico report that Hillary Clinton holds a narrow lead over Donald Trump in the state.