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During their years spent at UNCW, many students find ways of enriching their educational experience with part-time jobs, whether on or off campus. Students discover valuable real-world experience within their employment. With a pandemic that is damaging the job market, many students are finding themselves in search for easy, yet meaningful ways to make money.

There are numerous benefits that students look for in employment. Comfort and confidence are important with any job, but especially for students. Thinking about one’s expectations for a job is important to having an enriching employment experience. Students tend to agree that money is important when they work, but there are many more crucial benefits that impact a student’s job decision.

Being a college student and looking for a job can be stressful, but Platinum Sitters makes working painless, with flexible scheduling, competitive rates, convenient email bookings and a match with the perfect families. Platinum Sitters is an on-call childcare referral service that connects families in Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte and surrounding areas with experienced and reliable babysitters.

Making Valuable Connections

Meeting people is important in any career, but making connections with employers and coworkers can set a student up for success. “I like that [I work in] a smaller office so that it is easier to make connections with the people I worked with,” said Caroline Straubel, a sophomore at UNCW. These connections are not only important to a current job, but could also be very helpful in the future, as networking may open many doors for student workers.

Though professional connections are nice to have, many students place great value on the bonds they create with coworkers. Kendall Hart, a junior at UNCW said, “I like for people to be social; I want to know the people I work with because it makes the job more enjoyable.” Job satisfaction is an important factor that should be considered throughout a student’s employment. Whether making professional connections, friendships, or both, it is crucial that students have a bond with coworkers.

Connecting with fellow employees and employers is important in any context, but especially while in college. Networking is a crucial part of entering the job market, and at Platinum Sitters, the perfect family pairings are made to set each of their employees up for success.


Blake Sammons, a UNCW sophomore, said that “as a student, I look for understanding. I hope that [my employers] are able to recognize that I am a student and give me flexibility and understand my schedule.”

Academics are a student’s first priority; it is very important that employers understand that.

Caroline Straubel reflected upon her work experience where scheduling was flexible, “because my boss was building my hours around my existing schedule.”

A job that has an appropriate schedule is ideal for many students, but oftentimes this is difficult to find.

“Scheduling was difficult because you could only take one shift at a time,” said Hart.

This is understandable in some jobs, but scheduling inconsistencies are not always easy to manage. Many part-time employment options offer minimal scheduling options, which can place unneeded stress on busy students. It is important to seek opportunities that accommodate classes and personal schedules.

Flexibility in college jobs is rare, as many students work hourly jobs with strict shift limitations. Platinum Sitters understands the struggle that many students go through, which is why they allow each of the babysitters to choose the days and times that best fit into their schedules. All babysitters make their own schedules, but Platinum Sitters makes it easier with simple emil bookings that keep everything organized and stress-free.

A Meaningful Work Experience

“I would want to make sure that I have a challenge and be able to grow in the job and as a person, something that isn’t repetitive,” Hart explained.

Many students feel the same way about a work experience that is relevant to personal and career interests. Sammons agreed with Hart, explaining that he likes “important work that has a lot of responsibility, which may be intimidating but I know that people trust me.”

Many students are preparing to enter a competitive workforce, which can be pressuring. Hart said that getting experience is important to him. Being realistic about current job options and what is important to a career can be overwhelming. However, many students are beginning to discover that relevant experience can be commonly found.

Experience is important, but at Platinum Sitters, employees see that each day working is a day of learning. Whatever career a student is looking into, Platinum realizes that relevant experience is necessary. Babysitting can give every person a meaningful way to make money and enhance their understanding of others.

Platinum Sitters understands what motivates college students to work. The connections, positive experiences and flexibility that the babysitters find at Platinum make the job one of a kind. Click here for more information.

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