Humans of the Dub: Meet the Staff! Zachary Kilby, Sports Editor


Sunshine Angulo, Humans of the Dub - Head Editor

What about The Seahawk drew you in to start writing for them?

“Honestly, I think it was the fact that I would be getting actual work experience for something I want to do after I graduate college. Sitting in a classroom and learning is one thing, but actually getting the opportunity to do it and having a hands-on learning experience is completely different. Going to sporting events, writing articles about it and seeing my name published is one of the best things I take away from college after I graduate and start working in the real world.”


What are your plans after you graduate from UNCW?

“I want to be a sports writer whether that’s for ESPN or any sporting company. I would like to do that full-time and have my own photography business on the side. I plan on doing photography on the weekends, holidays, or around my normal work schedule.”


As the Sports editor, what are your duties and responsibilities? Give us a look into your day-to-day routine. 

“I’m still getting used to being the Sports editor position since I just took over. I probably wouldn’t be able to give you an in-depth response. During my first article I wrote as the new Sports editor, I really learned what it was like having to go through the motions of being the Sports editor. Usually, I’m just the one writing the articles, sending it to Noah [our previous Sports editor] and having him take care of it. I realized there is so much more work that goes into processing, editing and posting an article. It was a lot and a big learning curve for me. I felt bad because I kept having to ask people how to do certain things. I’m gonna try my best to get used to it, so I can begin to do everything more confidently on my own.”


As the previous Photography editor, what did you enjoy most about this position? How is the Photography editor position different from other writing positions at The Seahawk?

“I wasn’t the Photo editor for too long and I know Brenna [our Editor-in-Chief] is looking for someone to fill that position. I liked it because it fit with what I wanted to do after college. It gave a reason to go out and take pictures, aside from me just wanting to for fun. It gave me the opportunity to share my passions with others for The Seahawk. I wish I could have worked in that position for longer. I felt like I didn’t experience all that it had to offer, but I did enjoy my time while I was the Photography editor.”


Since sports are suspended for the season, what type of content can we expect from the Sports section?

“You can expect articles about professional debuts in baseball since that’s the only sport going on right now. One idea I was talking to Noah about was a series on UNCW athletes who haven’t made their pro-debut yet, but have gotten drafted. I plan to follow up with them and talk about what their process has been like since leaving UNCW, COVID-19 pandemic and any obstacles they’ve been through. It would be an interview-style series with the script and article attached together.”


Who is someone that feels like home to you?

“Oh gosh. I would have to be my mom because the only time I see her is if I’m home from college. Every time I hug when I’m home, I kind of reminisce on my previous school years in the hometown I grew up in. It takes me back to that time. She always just makes me feel so loved and cared for. It’s hard not to feel like home when I’m with her.”