Advice from Sally Seahawk 4/8/20 (Positives, the future and words of encouragement)


Lena Bell/Unsplash

Sally Seahawk, Contributing Writer

Hello, my dear Seahawks.

I wish I was writing during different times. I wish I was writing from my humble nest back in Wilmington, but it seems like we have a new reality. To those that were graduating this semester, whose life got turned upside down, I am sincerely sorry. And to those who are still not leaving us, hold on because we will get through this. We have been through plenty; this current situation is only one more thing to add to our track recordan impressive one at that.

But now, onto the questions that several Seahawks had for me.

I am having a hard time finding positives in this situation.

As I have said, this situation has pushed all of us into a new reality. Change can be scary, especially sudden change. Some famous person probably once said that in every adverse situation, it is vital to find a positive. I have found several.

One, this is a time when you can work on new habitsstart working out, get to cooking healthier meals, start practicing yoga or start working on your mental health. Change something for the better.
Two, take on new hobbies. Try drawing or painting. Perhaps you have been wanting to try out sewing or fashion stuff (I really do not know much about this one). Give poetry or writing a novel a try. I know that for me, I have been working on making my garden prettier and I have even taken up building stuffmy current project: a playhouse for my niece.
Third, if you are lucky enough, you get to spend time with your family. And if the situation does not allow for it, you get to spend time with yourself, which is equally as important.
Fourth, nature gets a break. We have to be realistic and see that what we were doing to our planet was unacceptable. Now, Earth gets to recuperate. Lately, nature sounds have awoken me and not my neighbor’s loud motorcycle.
Lastly, this time away from things only makes us value our friendships, our lovers, our peers, our teachers, everything more. Just imagine when all of this is over and you get to see your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply a friend again. It will be like one of those cheesy, romantic movie sceneseach at one end of a flower field, you guys run toward each other (in slow motion, of course) until you reach the other and finally get to embrace one another. Oscar-worthy.

I can’t stop thinking about my future now.

There is this concept that comes from Gestalt therapy and it is called the “here and now.” The gist of it is to be present in your current environment and to be aware of how your body moves through it. Yes that is difficult, but it is the only thing you can control. Worrying about the future will only cause anxiety and we should not let that happenwe have to focus on mindfulness and self-care. True, you can think about altering your plans, but do notI repeat, DO NOTget hung up on that and neglect your current self in the current situation. I also think it is important to remember that we are all in this together. All of us have had our futures altered. Everyone is adjusting to this new reality. And so, now is when reaching out to a friend because we are overwhelmed is crucial. Before, when everyone was go-go-go, it was easier to hide our feelings or get so involved in other things that we were able to ignore them, but now, all we have is time. Let’s use it wisely, and instead of letting anxiety control our thoughts and behaviors, let’s channel that energy into something positive (things listed in prior response).

Any positive words/phrases that help keep you going?

I am sure you guys have seen this all over the internet, but I will reiterate: WE ARE ALL IN THIS, TOGETHER (cue High School Musical dance sequence). But some others: “Take one day at a time”; “You got this”; “Do not forget to breathe”; “Change is inevitable, change is constant”; “The best time for new beginnings is now.” And my ultimate favorite: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you,” and if there is one word to describe this whole situation, that is challenging.

Let’s keep our heads up high, Seahawks. This will be a breeze for us.

That is all I have for you this week, Seahawks. Do not forget to send me your questions on Instagram @theseahawknews!

xx Sally Seahawk