Advice from Sally Seahawk 2/26/20 (Asking for space, weather dressing and study tips)


Genevieve Guenther

Sally Seahawk, Contributing Writer

How do I ask my friends for some space to clear my head?

It is not what you say, but rather how you say it. Everyone needs a “day off” once in a while, even your friends. We are like batteries and sometimes, for whatever reasons, those batteries are drained, and then we need to recharge. Everyone recharges differently, and if for you it is about being alone, then your friends should understand that. There is this technique I recently started using and it consists of finding a safe word and, whenever you find your battery being drained, you use that word. Obviously, explain this to your friends so that they are aware of what it means to you; you are not going to scream out “potato” then disappear for a day—that is slightly weird. Also, do not use the word potato as your safe word; that, too, is weird…I mean, to each their own, I guess. My point being, you are in control of your mental well-being and taking care of yourself. I have heard people say that they feel selfish doing so, and it might feel like that at first, but we have to get past that mentality. Selfish—the word—is given a negative connotation, but it does not always mean something bad. Heather Petherick once said, “Self-care is not selfish. It is the foundation for serving others.” If you are still not convinced, let us call it self-loving. But yeah, if you need the space, talk to your friends, and if they truly care for you, they will understand and give you that space.

How do you dress for this weather?

This weather is CRAZY, am I right? It is in the 60s so you think, oh Spring is here. NOPE. The next day it is raining and it is in the 30s—Winter is back! I really do not know what to tell you for this one; I am just as confused as you are. I will wear a hoodie for my 8 a.m. and, when I leave my last class at 2 p.m., I will be sweating because the hoodie is too much. The safest way to approach this issue is to check the weather app every day—check the chances of rain, temperature and all that as far out as you need. If the day is starting at 30° but will go up to 60° by the time you get out of class (come on, we all know this has happened to us), then wear a jacket, but always make sure that you can take the jacket off and be suited for that warmer weather. We might look funny carrying around a jacket, an umbrella and all of that, but since this weather is so unpredictable, we have to be prepared. It is better to be prepared than not, no matter how ridiculous we think we look.

Any good studying habits/tricks?

If only I had the perfect answer to this question so that we could all succeed, but I do not—I will try my best, though. A general rule of thumb is to study in an environment that resembles the environment you will be taking the test/quiz in. If you are going to take the test/quiz in an environment that is going to be super quiet (which is likely where you will be taking all your tests), then study in an environment like that. Also, if possible, study with some white noise in the background. I know this might sound counter-intuitive with what I just said, but the white noise will drown out the other noise/distracting stimuli in the place you are studying. I know you have heard this time and time again, but DO NOT pull an all-nighter or cram the night before. That will most definitely not help—your brain cannot work on overload and that is what you are doing if you cram. If you have a chance to study with a friend, do so and if you do not, find a friend that will sit down and let you explain the concepts to them; if you can explain it to someone, you understand it. The last tip I have is to pay attention in class (which will require you to go and yes, if you took an 8 a.m., get up and go) because most teachers highlight concepts in class that will be on the test. Do not just rely on the PowerPoint, what the teacher says is important—I know, mind-blowing concept.

That is all I have for you this week, Seahawks. Do not forget to send me your questions on Instagram @theseahawknews!

xx Sally Seahawk