HOTD: blessings & self-growth


Jordan Bell, Humans of the Dub - Head Editor

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

My idea of happiness has been the same since I was a kid. Probably because I read too many romance books. I just want a happy family and a fulfilling job. I want my job to have a purpose too, not necessarily in the grand scheme of things in the world but just in my own little world.


What would be your ideal job?

I would love to be a house mom. Only if it were possible financially of course. I really value family, and I think it’s important to be there for your kids as much as you can. I would love to be there whenever they wake up in the morning and there whenever they get back from school. I wouldn’t want to be an absent parent.


Have you ever gotten close to your perfect sense of happiness?

Most of the time I’ve spent with my boyfriend. I was extremely happy while he was here, but I was also happy when I met his family because they were very loving and accepting. I felt like I belonged and I felt like I was meant to be there at that time. To be in a place where I was loved and appreciated was very comforting.


What is one thing that you are working towards for yourself?

I think every day is a chance to work on short term and long term self-growth. I think being appreciative of the things I have and working on doing things that feel fulfilling is part of my self-growth. Even if I don’t have as much as other people have, I still appreciate my life because I realize that I’m lucky.


What is your favorite day for spirit week?

Pajama Day has always been my favorite! My typical style is just being as comfortable as I possibly can. Pajamas are the epitome of comfort clothes.


What does being a Seahawk mean to you?

After growing up in a place where your image matters, I thought I was coming to a place where genuine interactions mattered more. I thought I would find more people that were open-minded to differences. I think the most difficult part is that most people want to be open and accepting, but it’s hard for me to understand that when I’m the only different person in the group. Like it’s easy for you to be sympathetic towards me when you have no idea what I’m going through.