SeaSquawks: What does UNCW want changed on campus next?


Grace Wong/Chicago Tribune/TNS

Kung pao chicken with steamed vegetables at Panda Express.

Darius Melton, Katelyn Vargas, and Sarah Levinson

In case you have not heard, Trask Coliseum recently introduced the sale of alcohol during the basketball season. This came after the Southeastern Conference (SEC) lifted their stadium-wide ban on alcohol sales back in July.

Since that news broke, many UNC Wilmington students wondered when it would be our school’s turn to make the same big move. It was a good three-month fight, but UNCW was quick to make the necessary decisions.

Does that mean we are all satisfied? Of course not: there is always room for improvement. With this big request fulfilled, what do UNCW students and faculty want next out of their campus?

The Seahawk asked the question, and here are some answers:

“I would love to see a football team, healthier options at the new dining hall and a smoothie station on campus.” – Josh Berlin, Sophomore, Psychology

“The food options in Wag (Wagoner Dining Hall)! I haven’t been able to eat there in weeks which forces me to go off-campus and not use the expensive meal plan I bought. Having more options or at least changing up the options every now and then would entice me and many others to go more often.” – Shannon Coyle, Freshman, Clinical Research

“I would like to see a bar on campus… It would be fun, they could hold karaoke events, and it would be a great way for students over 21 to meet other students over 21 as well.” – Logan Ausmus, Junior, Psychology

“I think some of the departments’ attendance policies are rigid, unforgiving and not productive to student wellness.” – Martina Litty, Junior, Creative Writing

“More eating options.” – Sadie Williams, Freshman, Psychology

“I would like there to be as much attention paid to the arts and building [a] community as is paid to athletics on this campus. I think it is out of balance.” – Jill Gerard, Professor in the Department of Creative Writing

A lot of these answers are indicative of larger student-body desires. Berlin’s mention of a football team is one that has been around about as long as UNCW has existed (though I personally dread the idea of having football game traffic in Wilmington).

There is also a notable theme of food that is common within these requests. Hopefully some of these wants are taken care of by the new dining hall expected to open in summer 2021, as well as the incoming Panda Express opening in February 2020, but until then, maybe the food options we already have—Wagoner Dining Hall and Dub’s Café in particular—can tweak some things to address these students’ concerns.

What do you want to see changed on campus? Leave a comment below!