Humans of the Dub: Coffee queen and bees


Photography by Jordan Bell

Jordan Bell, Humans of the Dub - Head Editor

What are you most afraid of right now?

When it comes to animals, I’m definitely afraid of bees. I love them in theory, but they can be really scary when they get close. I’m also afraid of doing poorly in my classes. I’ve always been an A student, and I’ve never had to struggle with school work before. I’m still trying to find a balance between school, spending time with friends and having time for myself.


Have you gotten used to the pacing of college?

I’ve gotten used to it because I like having time to do things on my own personal schedule. I also like having longer deadlines, but with that comes a lot more work. I think I like the pace of college more because professors aren’t in your face and nagging you about work constantly. It’s up to you to figure out your classwork and responsibilities.


What are some small things that make your day better?

Coffee. I love iced coffee, and I’ll get a latte from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts from time to time. Also, it really makes my day better when I get a phone call from a friend or loved one from back home.


What is the best place to get coffee on campus?

I like Port City Java!


Who is the most influential person in your life that you know right now?

I would have to say my best friend. He’s always there for me and he gives me the kick I need to get things done. Often times he’ll say ‘If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for me!’ That motivates me to do a lot of things.


How long have you known him?

I’ve known him for about two and a half years. We met in high school, and we’ve been really good friends ever since.


Was there a defining moment in which you really saw him as a powerful influence in your life?

I would have to say every day. We’ll talk on the phone, and he’s always there to encourage me.


What inspired you to join HOTD?

I’m definitely a people person. I get along really well with everyone I meet. I love talking to new people and learning what their lives are about, what they like doing and where they’ve come from. I love learning about people that aren’t from my hometown because once you’ve lived there for a while, you start to know everyone in the area. I love giving people the chance to tell what they have to say. Sometimes the people that have the most to say feel like they can’t speak in certain situations, and they deserve a chance to speak up.