New chalkings outside of Morton get personal about the election

New chalkings outside of Morton and Leutze halls discuss both the political and personal aspects of current presidential candidates.

Casey McAnarney, Editor in Chief

Latest chalkings found on the pavement between Morton and Leutze Hall in support of presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, focus on the personal matters of the Republican nominee’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. This is unlike previous writings found in the area that were originally just pro-Trump chalking.

Right before election day, members of the College Republicans student organization chalked phrases over the unfitness of Hillary Clinton for presidency. The individuals who wrote the phrases, however, do not represent the entirety of the organization.

Some notes written by this faction of the organization read, “Even Bill chose other women,” and, “Do you want a job? Vote Trump.” However, the more “vulgar” chalkings, according to College Republicans’ Treasurer, Nick Cato, were not written by their group.

“The other chalkings that [The Seahawk] have taken pictures of, were 100 percent not by us,” assured Cato. “Those were unacceptable and too vulgar, we did not write them, and we refuse to affiliate ourselves with that.”

Cato said that their group was merely expressing their first amendment rights, especially since they believe that conservative voices are drowned out at UNC Wilmington. They also stayed away from writing anything offensive, according to Cato.

Some of the more controversial writings that Cato refers to are “Hillary sucks but not like Monica,” or “A vote for Hillary, a vote for Satan.” It is still unknown who wrote these specific chalkings over the ones done by College Republicans’ members.

The chalkings have now been washed away by the rain.

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