Sartarelli re-signs Seahawk Respect Compact as part of DIVE IN Week


Fairley Lloyd

From left to right: Dara Arroyo, SGA Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Latisha Rivera, Student Ambassador; Cole Tillet, SGA President; Chancellor José Sartarelli; SGA Treasurer Sean Clark.

Fairley Lloyd, Assistant News Editor

Chancellor José Sartarelli, the student government cabinet, and several other members of UNC Wilmington’s faculty and staff attended the Seahawk Compact Respect Reauthorization Ceremony on Tuesday afternoon in the Clocktower Lounge on the third day of DIVE IN Week — UNCW’s newest programming promoting diversity and inclusivity on campus.

The Seahawk Compact Respect was first signed a little over ten years ago and was reauthorized to reaffirm UNCW’s mission to foster a respectful, inclusive community.

“We cannot have freedom of speech and treat each other poorly,” Sartarelli said. “We need to ensure all kinds of expression are conveyed in an appropriate environment.”

The reauthorization of the Seahawk Respect Compact was one of the initiatives under the Chancellor’s Campus Climate Committee which goals are to improve the atmosphere on campus. One of the goals of its subcommittees is to increase cultural awareness and acceptance of students of all backgrounds.

Committee members include Dr. Kent Guion, one of the committees’ co-chairs and Chief Diversity Officer of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion; Cole Tillet, current SGA president; and Dara Arroyo, the SGA Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

“We wanted to make sure the statement was truly inclusive,” said Arroyo. “This resigning is proof of UNCW’s dedication to inclusion.”

The next DIVE IN Week event is an open mic night, which will take place tonight at 7 p.m. in the Clocktower Lounge. For a full list of events, visit @uncwambassadors and @uncwsga on Instagram.