UNCW students elect Pianovich, Kowadlo as SGA president and VP


Fairley Lloyd

From left to right: College of Health & Human Services Senator Laura Bussiere, Senior Class President Julian Coley, SGA Vice President-elect Rachel Kowaldo, SGA President-elect Nick Pianovich, and Junior Class Senator Sofia Bonilla.

Fairley Lloyd, Assistant News Editor

Over 1,000 UNC Wilmington students voted for in 2019 student government elections, setting a record for voter turnout within the school. The results, announced Thursday at 5 p.m., ushered in the future of SGA: President Nick Pianovich and Vice President Rachel Kowadlo.

Both Pianovich and Kowadlo expressed their honor to be elected to SGA’s highest positions and were grateful for students’ support.

“It shows that students have the same vision as we do,” Kowadlo said. “It’s empowering that we will be able to be those voices next year.

“It’s a privilege,” Pianovich said. “I think one thing I can take away from all of this is just thankfulness. My hope is that we continue the great work of SGA and make a difference on campus.”

Pianovich and Kowadlo said that their campaign would not have been successful without the help of their fellow campaign members and future cabinet: Junior Class Senator Sofia Bonilla; Laura Bussiere, College of Health and Human Services senator; and Julian Coley, senior class president (representing UNCW’s senior class of 2020).

Bonilla was especially shocked at her nomination, as she was a write-in candidate. Previously, she served as the campaign manager for Pianovich and Kowadlo.

“I’m really excited to be on SGA,” Bonilla said. “Working on this campaign made me realize how important the organization is. It works to unite students and give them the resources they need.”

Coley has had past experience in leadership and is looking forward to serving students on a larger level.

“I’ve had individual impacts as a resident assistant in Galloway,” Coley said. “To be able to take those skills and apply them to the whole student body will make an impact on a greater scale.”

Bussiere also serves as a resident assistant and is excited for her new role in SGA.

“I was more nervous for Nick and Rachel than I was for myself,” Bussiere said. “I’m so excited they were elected. I’m looking forward to working with them on SGA next year.”

The SGA inauguration will take place Tuesday, April 16, at 7 p.m. in Burney Center.