Humans of the Dub: Bad Habits / Personality Traits


Photograph by Jordan Bell, Humans of the Dub

Jordan Bell, Humans of the Dub - Staff

What are some of the worst study habits/routines that you see from other people?

One thing I’ll never understand is how people stay up until like 3 am in the library doing homework. For me, sleep is the biggest thing even if that means sacrificing studying one night to get my hours. Most of the time I’m in bed by 11 pm.

What are some of the worst habits that you have when it comes to studying?

 I like to get things done. I like to do tasks and check them off of a list, so I always put off studying and do all of my homework that’s less important busy work first. I guess I don’t prioritize very well. I have a habit of doing the homework that is less counted towards my grade or is for a class that isn’t that important to me rather than doing what I really need to be doing. Studying isn’t something that you can just do in an hour and be done with sometimes.

 Do you allow yourself to have any free time during a busy school week?

Yes. I like to wake up and make breakfast because that’s my favorite meal. I usually watch TV for a few minutes while I’m eating breakfast. That’s my free time day-to-day. I also go to the gym every day, so I would count that as free time. That’s definitely something that I like to do.

 What’s the most impressive thing you’ve learned how to do?

I’ve learned to appreciate things a lot more. I was talking with my friend about this the other day. My freshman year here, I was required to go to a certain amount of concerts and shows. I would dread it each time thinking it was just another thing I had to check off of my list. Now I go to them for fun because I actually enjoy them. I get really excited to go and almost every concert I go to is really moving and interesting. My classes have taught me a lot of technical aspects about music that I didn’t really appreciate before coming here. Now that I know what goes behind everything, I’m able to hear it better during the performance and appreciate it more when I do hear it. The other day I was really struggling to find the motivation to practice, but then it hit me that I was really fortunate to even have rooms and spaces to practice in. It’s hard to practice just in your apartment, so I’m really thankful for all of the opportunities we’re given here on campus. As a freshman, I wasn’t necessarily thinking of them as an opportunity but more of just another thing.

Some people say that “Life is a game”, what are some of the rules that you believe in for the game of life?

 I don’t know. I just try to take things as they come. Everything can change quickly, and you don’t even realize at the moment but then a couple of years later it can really change who you are. If there are rules in life, it’s definitely based on who you are at the time. If I had to say a rule, I would say just go with the flow. Be ready and open for change. Even if the change doesn’t seem like a good thing at the moment, it could turn out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason. There’s some reason for that change happening in your life. It leads to something better most times.

What personality trait/behavior of other people do you appreciate the most?

I like when people are really expressive. I like when they’re not afraid to feel or say what they’re thinking or feeling. I like when people do whatever makes them happy. I like when people wear really bold outfits. If that’s what makes you happy, then go for it! I appreciate the courage and strength it takes to do that because I wouldn’t be able to. I also enjoy when people are really passionate about a subject and aren’t afraid to get up and talk about it and inform other people about it. I think that’s a really important trait: to be confident in what you believe in and not afraid to express yourself.  

What personality trait/behavior of other people do you dislike the most?

It’s kind of a tough one, but I don’t like when people are negative a lot. That’s hard, especially when you have a stressful semester like the one we’ve been having. It’s hard not to be negative. Sometimes you just want to complain about your life and how much you have to do, but in reality, we go to a beautiful college, and we have friends here, our life is great for the most part. Some of the small things people complain about aren’t going to ruin their lives. It’s tough because I do that sometimes too, but I think that when you’re negative you start to create a negative energy that affects other people too. So I try to be careful of that now.