Meet your 2019 Homecoming King and Queen


Travis Stoker/The Seahawk

From left: Homecoming Queen Lauren Deane, Sammy C. Hawk and Homecoming King Alexander Hoffman

Fairley Lloyd, Assistant News Editor

Queen Deane

Lauren Deane is senior double majoring in Spanish and criminology. Her initial intention was to be a Spanish minor, but after taking Spanish classes and studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she fell in love with the program and decided to major in it.

Deane is heavily involved in both the local community and UNCW. In addition to her major, she is a Resident Assistant, a youth leader at her local church, and is heavily involved in Reformed University Fellowship, a ministry on campus.

“It’s such a sweet organization,” Deane said. “It focuses on fellowship and teaching the Bible, which are the biggest parts of my life.”

RUF is the organization that nominated Deane for Homecoming Queen, the title for which she was crowned on Feb. 2 as voted on by her peers and classmates.

“I feel like no one was as surprised as I was when I went onto Homecoming court,” Deane said, speaking of her win. “This campus collectively chose me to represent UNCW, which is the biggest honor.”

After college, Deane wants to use her Spanish in everyday situations. She is currently using the language to help translate for many Spanish-speaking natives at her church but is particularly looking to use Spanish in a more “professional” capacity.

She is also looking into working with the FBI or possibly as a patrol officer “for a few years.”

Deane is also marrying her best friend, a UNCW alum she first met during her freshman year in Graham-Hewlett. The two have been dating around two years and got engaged in late January. The wedding is planned to take place in November.

Deane credits UNCW for contributing to her growth as a person.

“The Lauren Deane who was a freshman is completely different than the Lauren Deane who won Homecoming Queen,” she said.  “I feel like UNCW has prepared me to do anything I set my mind to.”

King Hoffman

Xander Hoffman is a senior majoring in chemistry and minoring in biology and is on the pre-med track. He initially majored in biology because he thought that was the only way to start on the pre-med track, but found out that he could do so without majoring in biology.

After taking an introductory chemistry course, Hoffman “fell in love” with the field and decided to major in it. He is doing undergraduate research within his program.

Hoffman volunteers at the local hospital to help with cancer patients and at St. Mary’s Clinic for low-income patients. Hoffman serves as a supplemental instruction leader within his major, is a health promotion peer leader, and a member of Student Ambassadors, which nominated Hoffman for Homecoming King.

“I’m not as busy as I used to be,” Hoffman said. “My sophomore and junior years were bad. I would get no more than four hours of sleep a night. I drank a lot of coffee throughout the day — it was definitely not healthy. I realized I couldn’t do all of that, that I needed to take more time for myself.

“It was kind of wild when I won,” Hoffman said. “I really wasn’t expecting it. Everyone on Homecoming court was so impressive this year. Really, anyone could have won.”

Hoffman’s future plans are to go to medical school, with the intent of becoming a doctor working with cancer patients. If his plans to study at ECU do not work out, Hoffman plans to stay in Wilmington and get his EMT certification for more “hands-on” experience in the medical field.

Hoffman also said he would like to travel when he is more “financially stable.” He listed the Vatican, Korea, and Hawaii as some of his top destinations.

Hoffman is immensely grateful for his time at UNCW.

“I’m so happy I got to spend the last four years here,” he said. “Graduation is going to be bittersweet. If Wilmington had a medical school, I wouldn’t leave.”