Advice from Sally Seahawk 1/23/19


Genevieve Guenther

Sally Seahawk, Contributing Writer

I want to get more involved with campus activities this week, and my first thought was joining a club. How do I go about finding the club for me?

You asked this question just in time, because there is a huge Involvement Carnival on campus on Jan. 24, 2019, which is the day after this article goes out. If you didn’t take advantage of it last semester, you should definitely try to swing by the event this year. There are over 280 organizations on campus, and most of them are going to have a booth in the Fisher/Randall area tomorrow, so it’s going to be pretty hard to miss. After last semester’s Involvement Carnival, I walked away with a membership to two clubs and I’m joining a third soon. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find the club, fraternity, or sorority for you, but if that club doesn’t exist yet, you could gather some friends and classmates together and start one yourself! If push comes to shove, we’re always looking to recruit new members at The Seahawk, and we have meetings every Monday at 5 p.m. in Leutze 131!

Listen, I’m not trying to be alone on Valentine’s Day this year, so since we’re a month out, do you have any advice on trying to find a cuddle buddy?

I’ve heard from a few friends of mine that there is an annual speed-dating event on campus around Valentine’s Day, so I would keep my eyes and ears open for that, particularly with the Hawk eNews letters that you get e-mailed weekly. If you need more than one chance, I would suggest using one of the many dating apps out these days – namely Bumble, since I’ve always preferred that over Tinder. However, at the end of the day, Valentine’s Day isn’t any better of a day for dating than the days before or after it, so I wouldn’t stress myself out too much trying to figure out how to deal with not being lonely. If you find a “cuddle buddy” on Feb. 15, you’re probably not going to be too upset, right? The right person will come to you, and I wish you the best in finding them!

One of my roommates is never in our dorm, but whenever she is, she makes a huge mess and I only see it after she’s gone again. None of the other girls seem to care about it and I don’t want to confront her alone. What do I do?

My professional answer is to consult your roommates that do stay in the dorm and see how they really feel about it. You said they “seem” like they don’t care, but I wouldn’t rule that out just yet. It’s entirely possible in my mind that at least one of your roommates cares but hasn’t said anything. If you have already spoken to the rest of them, then I would say to go directly to the source, though my advice with this is very petty. I personally get very passive aggressive with stuff like this, and my go-to passive aggressive technique is using sticky notes. Maybe the next time you end up cleaning up after her, you should place a sticky note in the spot to get the message across the next time she comes around. I wouldn’t be rude in the memo since that could just turn your dorm into a hostile environment, but I would make sure she knows how much the mess bothers you. If you don’t want to wait until another mess happens, maybe just go straight to her bedroom door – though, if your issue is that she’s never around, I’m not certain she ever visits her room.