Advice from Sally Seahawk 11/28

Sally Seahawk, Staff Writer

My roommate got a dog without asking and we are not allowed to have dogs in our apartment complex. Should I say something to him or go directly to the apartment complex about it?

I would first try to approach your roommate about your concerns regarding his dog. There is a possibility that he was unaware of the pet rules that the apartment complex had in place and did not mean to break the rules in any way. By approaching him first, you are eliminating the chance of a new problem arising between the two of you. He will appreciate you talking to him about the problem instead of going to the apartment complex and ratting him out for having a dog. However, if you confront him about the issue and he does not take action to find a new living arrangement for the dog, then addressing the problem with the apartment complex would be the next option. This would probably solve the problem faster because they would give your roommate consequences if the dog is not removed from the apartment. But, keep in mind the risks that this brings up regarding your personal relationship with your roommate. I would try to avoid involving the apartment complex unless it became absolutely necessary.

I want to study abroad, but I don’t exactly know when I want to go. Is there a certain time that is better than others?

Most people recommend studying abroad during your freshman or sophomore year, especially if you are planning on spending a whole semester abroad. The reason for this is just because your first two years of undergrad tend to be your less busy years, so you have more freedom to study abroad. If you only want to spend a month or less abroad then your timeline is more flexible. Students do study abroad often during their junior and senior year, but this is when your class requirements are becoming more in depth, so you would have to make sure your classes abroad will count for these credits. There are some classes that allow you to complete work studies abroad, which counts towards your class credit and gives you a great opportunity. Studying abroad is popular during breaks from school, such as spring break or summer. These times are typically less busy because you are not taking a full load of classes. As long as you have your classes planned out, so you can graduate when you plan to, studying abroad can be done in any semester that you want. Planning in advance is key!

My boyfriend is graduating in December and attending grad school in Florida starting in January. I’m really struggling with having to do a long-distance relationship. How can I stop stressing about it?

A lot of college relationships go through this stage. Going through your college years can cause a lot of change and uncertainness in a relationship. During this stage, you need to keep in mind that your boyfriend has to make the best decision for his education, not for his relationship. The grad school in Florida could be one of the best schools for his program and can also be such a great opportunity for him. Be happy for him and support him through this transition time. I know long distance relationships are challenging, but they are definitely do-able and can even strengthen your relationship. They require a lot of communication and effort from both individuals. Sit down and have a conversation with your boyfriend about the situation and let him reassure you about things. Plan weekends for you to visit and weekends for him to come home. Set aside time to talk on the phone or FaceTime. Communication is the most important aspect of long-distance relationships