Humans of the Dub: Hometown / Change / Differentiating Opinions


Photograph by Courtney Busick, Humans of the Dub

Courtney Busick, Humans of the Dub - Staff

What is your hometown like?

I grew up in a town called Macclesfield. It’s got two caution lights, it’s a block and you’re out of it and it’s not even a mile long. It’s super rural so that’s about it.

My family has always lived there. It goes back generations and generations. They grew up on Indian burial ground that actually belongs to my family. Our family owns like half of Macclesfield, land wise, because it goes generations back.

Did you like growing up there?

Yeah. But, I had very limited opportunities there, and it’s a very conservative place. I didn’t have a voice of my own. I had to abide by what my parents wanted, what my parents believed – not just particularly with my parents, just people in general. Everyone there comes to their own consensus on what to believe, and thinks that everyone should believe it. If you don’t, its almost like you’re like the outcast.

Have you experienced that yourself?

Yes. When it comes to things like the confederate flag, it’s a very controversial topic and I have a very different outlook than my parents and family. People back home think it’s okay to fly it and I just don’t so it produces conflict there.

With your family?

Yeah, we don’t talk about it because it is such a big conflict.

Besides the culture and their views is there anything unique about the town?

It’s just very small; Everyone knows everyone and it’s also one of those towns that you’re kind of stuck in and you can never really get away, so it was very relieving to come to Wilmington.

How has living there and growing up there made you the person you are today or the person
you want to be?

I think growing up with strict rules and a conservative family made me realize that I
want more out of life than just what a little small town has to offer me. I want to be open to
new experiences and different cultures. All I was experiencing was the same culture for
like eighteen years of my life. It made me realize I wanted more out of life and I wanted to
do more. I want to be an open-minded person, I want to think in more vibrant colors. I just
want to have a voice of my own and not have the same voice as the 400 people in my town.

Do you think that after college and graduation, will you return to your hometown?

I’ll go visit but I definitely do not want to live there. I definitely do not want to raise a family
there. My family will always be there, so I’ll always go back and visit but I will never live
there again because I want my kids to have every opportunity they can.


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