Advice from Sally Seahawk


Genevieve Guenther

Sally Seahawk, Staff Writer

My professor scheduled an exam for Saturday, but I have to work. Is this something I can be excused from?

The university has given professors permission to schedule meetings and exams outside of the regular class schedule. However, one of the rules for this is they have to have 100% agreement from the class to do so. Your professor should be willing to be flexible considering the circumstances. I would either email your professor or talk to them after your next class and let them know that you are scheduled to work on the scheduled test Saturday, so you are unable to make it. I would start by offering to take it sooner rather than later. Most professors seem to be more willing to move your test date if you take it early rather than late out of consideration of the fairness to other students in the class. In this scenario, your professor should be willing to be flexible with you since this is something he scheduled outside of regular class meetings. If you have conflicts with your professor rescheduling you can contact the chair of the department and let them know the circumstances.

I have a lab that I only go to once a week. Because of Hurricane Michael canceling class on my lab day we are required to make up time. Would it be rude for me to ask for a written assignment instead of making up another lab time?

I definitely don’t think it’s rude at all to ask your professor for a written assignment instead of making up another lab time. With both Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael messing up everyone’s schedules they will most likely be flexible with your inability to make up another lab time. Maybe let them know that the other times are during your classes or during your scheduled work shifts. However, depending on what kind of lab it is, your professor might be reluctant to give you a written assignment. For instance, if it’s a physical education lab it’s probably not a big deal and your professor will most likely be able to give you an assignment in place of it. But, if it’s a chemistry or anatomy lab, it is probably more important and the lab is for your own benefit. You can still attempt to get a written assignment from your professor. It’s always worth a try!

I brought my dog from home with me to my apartment in Wilmington, but every time I leave her she barks and whines at the door. Is there something I can do to make her stop?

Your dog is most likely just experiencing some separation anxiety from you. They are in a new place with new people and they are unsure what to think about it. I would be sure to familiarize her with people that she is likely to come in contact with, especially your roommates. That could provide her some comfort inside your apartment while you are gone. Over time I think the issue will fix itself. Your dog will begin to feel comfortable in the new environment and around the new people and they will be okay by themselves. In the meantime, I would try to include him or her in most of your activities. For example, maybe taking them on a walk at the park or to the beach, so that they are included and know that you are not trying to abandon them every time you leave the apartment. Dogs tend to think you are leaving them permanently, even when you leave for a couple of hours. The unfamiliar place is probably just escalating this feeling for your dog.