Humans of the Dub: Hurricane Florence / University Apartments / Displacement


Photo by Tara Pak, Humans of the Dub

Tara Pak, Humans of the Dub - Staff

How were you affected by Hurricane Florence?

Well, I had to go home for the majority of the time because I didn’t have a place
here to stay. Then, after school started back I still didn’t have a place to stay. I
was living at the University Apartments and they got damaged, so I had to wait until I could be
displaced somewhere. I was displaced to Golden Sands Motel at Carolina Beach, which is
thirty minutes away. So, after the first day of doing that I was like, “this is not gonna work.” So, I
talked to the housing office and they moved me to Camden apartments.

What did you find the hardest thing to be during this situation?

Probably keeping up with the school work and making sure that I’m on
track. I missed a whole chapter of my chemistry class that I’m having to learn by myself
now before a test on Saturday. So, I mean it’s a lot.

Did you experience this with any friends or were you pretty much on your own for

I was pretty much on my own.

Yeah? Did you find any moments of like where you wanted to just like..

Dropout? Yeah, absolutely. I’ve put in so much work and so much money into this university. So, I figure I might
as well finish at least my first semester. If anything, I can transfer after first semester but I
didn’t want to have all that money and effort go to waste.

Now that school started back up again do you feel like you’ve finally gotten back
into the routine of things?

Yeah, I mean after I found a good transportation to and from the school. I don’t
have a car, so, I have to take the shuttles and after I was moved closer to campus. It’s definitely
been easier to get back into a routine and make things work.

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