James Bond would carry his baby in a papoose


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Daniel Craig as 007 in “Spectre.” (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

Veronica Wernicke, Opinion Editor

In the past couple of years, the conversation of masculinity and what it really means has been a hot topic. Our society has begun to see a shift from a stereotypical “manly man” version of masculinity to a more softer and realistic version. To clarify, there is nothing wrong with being “soft.” Again, it is just another term our society has gone and given such a caged definition too.

Recently, journalist and television presenter, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to mock Daniel Craig. The tweet featured a picture of the James Bond actor for carrying his baby in a baby holder and read “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond.” 

Veronica Wernicke
Piers Morgan’s original tweet.

For those curious, according to Merriam-Webster, emasculate means “to deprive of courage or confidence.”

Now, what is emasculating about a man carrying his baby in a papoose? A papoose is just a pack-like carrier for infants. In all honesty, Morgan’s tweet is more emasculating than Craig’s act of great parenting. If anything Craig stepped up when his wife needed it the most. Craig’s daughter is only a month old, which means late nights and early mornings for the new parents. I can only imagine how tired the couple is and Craig using a papoose instead of making his wife use it is anything but emasculating.

Now I’m curious as to what kind of father Morgan is to his four children because I’m not getting a great impression thus far.

In a later quoted tweet, Morgan said “I stepped up, just never with a papoose. They’re ridiculous.”

What does Morgan find so ridiculous about a papoose? They are a great way to keep your baby close to you and give them a better sense of comfort. His reasoning is because James Bond wouldn’t ever use one. Again, Morgan’s stream of thought is anything but logical, especially because James Bond is a fictional character. And, James Bond would totally wear one.   

If I’m being honest, this all seems like a way for Morgan to get in the headlines again. Because really when was the last time Morgan was relevant. I just wish it had been for something more positive and not ignorant.

Other celebrities and Twitter users were quick to criticize Morgan and come to the aid of Craig.

The Captain America actor, Chris Evans tweeted, “You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child. Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside.”

Talk about a great save by Captain America. Morgan needs to take a quick tip from Evans.

Editor and author, Stig Abell, was also quick to fire back at Morgan.

“I wear one for my 13-week-old baby; and I am a big, hairy male. You seem nervous about masculinity for some unknown reason.”

Both of these male celebrities brought up the idea that Morgan struggled with his own masculinity issues.

In Craig’s defense, I can only imagine that with having a newborn baby that as parents you want to keep it close to you. For comfort, protection and it seems easier to carry than holding the baby. I don’t find that emasculating. Do you? If you do, we have a problem.

Morgan’s “fix” to his obnoxious and outdated comment, being pied in the face on live tv.

Wow, how emasculating.

Still, Morgan couldn’t keep his mouth shut and had to add more fuel to the fire in a later tweet.

“BREAKING: James Bond ditches papoose.” The tweet included a picture of Craig holding his baby without a papoose. I mean can we — especially Morgan — just leave Craig alone. Just from the picture of him carrying his daughter in a papoose, I can get a sense that he is a great dad and I’m sure has no problems with masculinity.  

Morgan seems like the only male here with masculinity issues — not Craig or any other man that uses a papoose.


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