5 tips on how to go with the Flo


Valerie Keys, Staff Writer

Are you overwhelmed? Are you stressed? Are you swimming in assignments? Well, be assured that you’re not alone. Here are 5 tips for you as you’re adjusting and figuring out how to go with the “Flo” post hurric-cation.


Write Things Down

Being out of school for four weeks was a curveball that no one saw coming. While many professors give their syllabi room for error, there’s no way that they could have accounted for hours of missed instructional time. Your new class schedule may be overwhelming at first, but relax; that’s just the anxiety talking. To alleviate stress, print out your syllabi, then write a weekly to-do list that coincides with your class/work schedule, appointments, reminders and approaching deadlines. Having a visual of what you need to get done will allow you to track your weekly progress without being bombarded by your professors’ new configuration of classes.

PRO TIP: Consider using colorful pens, highlighters or markers to make your to-do list more visually appealing. Be sure to throw in a few motivational quotes on your list to keep you encouraged. #GoodVibesOnly


Be Honest

We are all recovering, some of us more than others. Don’t hesitate to let your professors, employers, friends or family know that you are in a bind. Without sharing explicit details about your situation, you can recognize the fact that you need help and that’s okay. Help comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes help looks like an extension on an assignment, paid leave, a home cooked meal or a shoulder to cry on. If you know someone who may have been affected by the hurricane, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Glennon Melton said it best when saying, “People who need help often look like people who do not need help.”

PRO TIP: If you would like to speak with a professional about your situation, UNCW offers free counseling in DePaolo Hall. https://uncw.edu/counseling/


Set Realistic Goals

Considering we were only three weeks into the year before Flo crashed the party, it’s almost like we are getting a semester mulligan. Take advantage of this time and reflect on bad habits that you may have had in previous years and correct them. Setting goals will allow you to holistically acknowledge the amount of time we have left in the year and put things into perspective. Whether your goals are to finish reading a recommended book, getting through the semester alive or completing a few internship applications, be sure to write them down and revisit them on a daily basis.



I am what I like to refer to as a “stressaholic,” meaning if I’m not stressing about something, I feel like I’m not doing enough. My friends are constantly reminding me to give myself some free time. While working hard in college is a major necessity (what a pun), don’t forget to give yourself some well-deserved breaks. If you’ve been studying for an hour, find a moment to grab a snack and scroll on your twitter feed for 15-20 minutes. However you choose to spend your study break is completely up to you, but be sure to stick to the recommended time limit. Going over or under your allotted break time may cause a shift in your productivity. If you too are a stressaholic and need more convincing, here’s an article that was written by people with expensive degrees explaining break time benefits.



The power of a good cry is unmatched and undisputed. Whether you’re crying about the season finale of “This Is Us,” your GPA, financial hardships or any other personal burdens, you deserve a good ugly, snotty, Viola Davis cry. In a study done by the University of South Florida, researcher Jonathan Rottenberg says, “When a person experiences overwhelming stress, his or her heart rate increases and the body begins to sweat. But as a person cries, his or her breathing slows, rendering a calming effect.” So cry! Cry in your car before you go to work. Cry at night while you’re in bed staring at the ceiling. Cry in the shower as you recreate the music video to your favorite sad song. Cry; it’s good for you, seriously.


Credit: Helen Brito


May the odds be in your favor as you finish this semester! Stay strong, Seahawks. We got this.