Five fall fashion trends to look for this season


Sami Dickerson, Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Even though North Carolina’s weather is different every single day of the week, students can still get excited about fall fashion. Every once in a while a cold day will come and remind students that winter is approaching, and they should take those opportunities to try out the fashion trends below.

Knee High Boots

Thigh high boots are a very popular item of clothing right now. Rihanna, Taylor Swift and pretty much ever Kardashian owns a pair. Thigh high boots aren’t just beautiful though, they are functional as well. This footwear choice is great for colder weather because they double as a way to keep your legs warmer. Also, if you pair them with a dress, you don’t have to worry about your legs getting cold or wearing tights.

Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is a comfortable/lazy choice for college students that can also make them look stylish. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put on a really long sweater, and choosing a sweater dress that is one color, like black or gray, makes it really easy to wear statement jewelry that suits your personality.

Suede Skirts

Suede skirts are an item of clothing that can transition from summer to winter with the right accessories. Because they are a thicker material, they are warmer than most regular cotton apparel. They are also very comfortable which is great for colder weather when students are worried about trying to make it to class without freezing.

Statement Sweater

A “statement” item of clothing is a great way to break up a wardrobe full of black or brown pieces. Even though the items in the picture are relatively easy to find (ie. skinny jeans and brown booties), the statement sweater is funky and makes the outfit shine. It is a great way to add a pop of color into a relatively boring outfit.

Cropped Long-sleeve Shirts

Cropped long-sleeve shirts may seem impractical, but they are so cute. Students can make them more practical by wearing mom jeans or high-waisted jeans that make wearing this trend a little warmer. Also, like the red shirt, it can be a chance to make another statement item choice. The red is a great color for winter or fall because it crosses over both seasons.