Advice from Sally Seahawk


Genevieve Guenther

What is the best way to complete a group project? We are having trouble meeting and getting everyone to participate.

Group projects are super hard in general and now that everyone is trying to play catch up with post-hurricane classwork it is going to be even harder to find a good time for everyone to meet and work on the project. The best way to allow everyone to work on the project without requiring a group meeting is to have one group member create a Google Doc so that you can all open it on your own personal computer and work on the project. This will allow you to work on it in your own time. Google Docs allow multiple people to work on the document at one time, so you can work on your own section and also see what your partners are doing on their sections. If you are still having trouble with members of the group participating, I would talk with your professor and see if they have a participation rubric implemented for the assignment and they could possibly talk to the specific group member who is not participating.

Can I use my food dollars anywhere off campus? I have so many left over since we lost a month of school due to the hurricane.

There are not many opportunities for you to use your food dollars off of campus. Papa Johns on Oleander Dr. allows you to use them to order carryout pizza, but that is the only place that I am aware of. This is a great way to use them, so order some pizzas for you and your friends! One way that I have been using up my food dollars is at the Pods. The Pods on campus, especially beside Dunkin Donuts and The Landing, have many grocery items that you can avoid buying at the grocery store. This can help you save money and it is also convenient to grocery shop on campus. However, if you do not use all of your food dollars, it is okay. The university has informed students that any unused food dollars will roll over to the spring semester. If you are graduating or transferring your remaining food dollars will be refunded to you. Don’t stress about having to use all of them!

I am trying to stop drinking soda, but it is such a habit for me to grab it at the pod. How can I help myself stop?

This is a common struggle for people. It is so easy to order a soda because most of the time a soda is included in a combo that you would commonly buy for lunch or dinner. In those cases, just remember your situation and that you are trying to cut back. When a soda is not included in your meal it makes it easier to resist getting one. In these situations, just keep in mind that water is free! When you are trying to quit drinking soda, it will make it a lot easier for yourself if you ween yourself off of it instead of trying to completely stop at once. You could limit yourself to having one a day for a little while, and then go to one every other day, and so on until you can completely stop. This will help with the caffeine headaches you will most likely experience. It’s going to be a process, but just keep working at it and you can meet your goal!