Advice from Sally Seahawk

Sally Seahawk, Staff Writer

I’m a freshman this year and I want to pursue a career in the medical field. I’m a biology major and I just don’t enjoy my classes. It’s not that they’re hard, it’s just that my professors are not helpful, and my classes are really big for my comfort zone. Would it be a mistake to change my major?

Coming into college as a freshman and pursuing a degree in biology can be a difficult transformation from high school academics. You are most likely enrolled in the general biology classes, which are typically larger because anyone can take them, not just bio majors. Once you get more into your major the class sizes will be smaller. However, if you decide that you are not happy as a biology major, you can always change it to something that fits you better. Most medical schools don’t require you to have a certain degree, they just require you to complete the prerequisites for their program. Many people who are planning to attend medical school will choose to major in something “easier” than biology or chemistry so they can maintain a high GPA and focus on getting better grades in the prerequisite classes. This is something you could consider doing if you choose to not major in biology.

I’m graduating in December and I don’t know what to do about my apartment lease. I have the lease until the end of July 2019, but I will most likely move out of Wilmington in December. Will it be hard to sublease my room?

A lot of people experience this, and it is usually a simple process to go through. There are always people looking for places to live in Wilmington. A great place to advertise the availability of your apartment is on Facebook. Most classes at UNCW have their own Facebook page that students use to communicate to each other and often advertise any textbooks they have for sale and also apartments that they are trying to sublease. For instance, there is a UNCW Class of 2018, UNCW Class of 2019, etc. You should join the class that you are a part of and you could also ask to join the other classes so that you are able to reach more students in this process. You could post in these pages and describe the apartment space that you are trying to sublease. Include important information such as how much rent is, what amenities the complex offers, and also how many roommates you have and qualities about them. It would also be very helpful to include pictures of your room and also of the apartment complex itself. The more details you provide, the better! Since your lease also goes through next summer it will make your place more appealing. Focus on advertising it and you will have no problem finding someone!

I want to rescue a dog from the animal shelter, but I’m not sure if my roommate would want one. How can I talk to him about it?

I would approach him and just ask him upfront about how he would feel about having a dog in the apartment. If you think that his main problem would be the responsibility that it would impose on him, you could ensure him that this dog would be your responsibility. He may be worried that he would have to purchase dog food or toys and have to take it out for walks every day. If you let him know that you would be the one to take care of the dog, it could persuade his decision. Although a dog does come along with a lot of responsibility, they also provide many therapeutic benefits. As a college student, having a dog in your apartment could provide both of you with a calming environment when school gets stressful. Don’t forget to mention to him that you would be saving a dog’s life. That could also help his decision!