Advice from Sally Seahawk


Genevieve Guenther

Sally Seahawk, Staff Writer

This is my first year living in Wilmington during the Azalea Festival. Is it worth going to?

The Azalea Festival is a lot of fun. Downtown Wilmington is always fun, but with the festival in town there is so much to do in addition to the normal downtown activities. Certain downtown streets are closed so that vendors can line up and sell merchandise. Merchandise being sold varies each year. It ranges from jewelry, home decor, and many handmade items. The shops are unique and are not typically in Wilmington, so it is fun to check out the different vendors. The Azalea Festival also brings concerts to town. For affordable prices you can go see up to three artists perform in downtown Wilmington. This year the artists performing are Billy Currington, 38 Special, and Ludacris. The concerts are always a great time. Along with these great events, there are also a ton of community events that are going on, such as visiting hospitals and cleaning the community. You can visit the Azalea Festival website to see all of the other events that come along with the festival.

I’m taking my first English class this semester and we have a final paper to turn in soon. I’m feeling unsure about it. Is the writing center helpful?

The Writing Center is awesome at helping with papers. I would highly recommend going to see them if you are having any doubts about writing your final paper. It’s located in DePaolo Hall 1003. You can make a one-on-one appointment at the writing center and they can help you with any questions you have about your paper. They are able to help you at any point, anywhere from brainstorming about your topic to putting your final touches on your final draft. You can visit their website to make an appointment, but remember that they are not open when classes are not in session. UNCW’s Writing Services also offers the Writing Lab. This is a drop-in service that is also located in DePaolo 1003. While this is not as personal, it can be helpful for you to work on your paper individually and have the chance to ask consultants questions as they arise. They are open 10:00 am-6:00 pm Monday-Thursday and 10:00 am-2:00 pm on Friday. If you don’t have time to take advantage of these opportunities they also offer online help. You can submit your paper online and ask specific questions that you want to ask the consultant. They typically return your paper to you in 2-3 business days. However, keep in mind that if you submit your paper online, your paper loses its format so they are not able to answer questions related to citations or format. Overall, the Writing Center is a great resource here at UNCW.

When I move out of my dorm what can I do with extra stuff that I don’t want to take home or can’t fit in my car?

If you have clothes or shoes that you want to get rid of you could always donate them to homeless shelters around town. There are clothing and shoe drop off bins around Wilmington that you can just throw your clothes in and shelters come by pick it up to give out to homeless individuals. This is a great way to clean out your closet and give back to the community. Plato’s Closet is another place that you can take your unwanted clothing items. You will get some money in return for your clothes, but it will not be full price of what you paid for your clothes. If you have other stuff that you want to get rid of, you could always try to donate it to places that accept furniture or other miscellaneous items. Sometimes Goodwill accepts furniture. Another great resource to sell items through is Facebook. There are normally Facebook pages for each class at UNCW, such as “UNCW Class of 2021”, that a lot of students are a part of. If you post on this page about what you want to give away or sell chances are you will find somebody to take it off of your hands. This Facebook page is also used a lot to sell or trade textbooks. There are tons of different options to choose from when cleaning out your room. If none of these sound appealing to you, you could always Google other places in Wilmington that will allow you to sell or donate your belongings.