Advice from Sally Seahawk


Genevieve Guenther

Sally Seahawk, Staff Writer

My upstairs neighbors have been listening to loud music and partying a lot recently. What can I do to stop this?

There might not be much you can do to completely stop your neighbors from partying or listening to music, but you can always try to reduce the noise. You can always go knock on their door and ask them (nicely) to try to be a little quitter. Most of the time your neighbors will appreciate you taking the time to go confront them about the noise instead of filing a noise complaint on them. With that being said, whether you live in a dorm or an apartment, most complexes do allow residents to file noise complaints on other residents. Usually, you either call it in to the main office or send an email to the manager. If you want to go about filing a noise complaint you should check with your dorm or apartment complex and see what they require you to do to submit a complaint. I would recommend going to talk to your neighbors directly before taking action with the manager of the complex.

I have recently been frustrated with myself because I try to do everything to please others instead of myself. Do you have any advice on how to be happier with myself?

This is a common struggle among college students. You want to gain as many friends as possible and you want to be known as a kind individual. However, trying to make everybody happy can be exhausting. Even though it can be tough, sometimes you have to focus on yourself. For you this might mean saying “no” when someone asks you to do a favor for them but you have a lot of homework to do or deciding to go to the library and study instead of going out to eat with a friend. These decisions might upset other people, but you have to remember to look out for yourself too. Your happiness is just as important as everyone else’s. If you continue to do things to please others, you will most likely find yourself overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough free time. Being on the go all of the time is hard for a college student. So, take time for yourself and put yourself first sometimes.

I want to lose weight before this summer, but I can’t seem to do it. What can I do to help lose weight?

The rec center on campus is a great resource for students to use. Their hours are very convenient for students and best of all it’s free. They have a variety of equipment such as treadmills, leg presses, ellipticals, and so much more. If you want to go for a walk or a run, campus is a great option or you could always walk the loop at Wrightsville Beach. The dining options on campus also offer healthy options. For example, Chick-Fil-A offers grilled chicken nuggets and sandwiches. Subway is always a great option for healthier eating. The Pods that are spread throughout campus have healthy options as well. They have lots of fruit options and healthy snacks that are perfect for eating on the go. The biggest mistake that people make is they try to drastically change their lifestyle all at once. This mostly leads to failed attempts of weight loss. The best way to begin a weight loss journey is to ease your way in to it. You could first start off by exercising twice a week and then gradually increase your workout time. If you’re trying to eat healthy you could start by cutting out sodas or cutting out sweets and then progressing to eating all healthy meals.