Advice from Sally Seahawk

Sally Seahawk, Staff Writer

Is it worth taking a class over the summer to avoid taking 18 credit hours in the fall semester?

Taking summer courses can be very beneficial. They only last five to six weeks and many students enjoy the pace of them. A huge benefit that I have enjoyed about summer classes is that the class size is often smaller than a normal fall or spring semester class would be. This allows for you to connect more with your professor, which could potentially help your performance in the course. I would much rather take one course during the summer and 15 credit hours in the fall. However, 18 hours in the fall is also very doable. Tons of students take 18 credit hours. You would have to think about other things that you are involved in that require some of your time. For example, being involved in a student organization, working a job, and visiting friends and family.  If you decide to take 18 credit hours you want to make sure you can manage your time and still perform well in your classes.

I can’t decide if I want to live in student living or non-student living next year. Suggestions?

Both student living and non-student living have pros and cons. Most student living complexes provide furnished apartments and useful amenities such as a gym, a pool, and computer labs. Some even offer free printing services. Printing on campus or purchasing your own printer and ink can be expensive, so this is a huge benefit. Maintenance is also available so that whenever you have problems in your apartment you are not responsible for fixing them. Despite all of these benefits these complexes tend to be a little on the noisier side just because they are housing all college students. If you decide to live in non-student living, older individuals and families who tend to be on the quieter side will likely surround you. Almost all non-student living facilities are unfurnished, which means you have to pay to furnish the place. While this may sound expensive at first, the furniture that you purchase can be used for years if you take care of it. Having your own furniture can also help your place feel more “homey”.  Most students choose to live in student living for their first apartment because it is easier and less responsibility. It provides a nice transition from on campus housing to off campus housing.

What is the best way to handle people your age being in charge of you?

This is a common struggle for college students. We are often faced with this when we join student organizations. While some organizations have professors that oversee them, other college students often lead them. Many students may see this as a bad thing, but it has benefits. A main thing to remember is that they were most likely chosen for the position for a reason. They could have great leadership skills or maybe they had good visions for the organization as a whole. Having people the same age as you being in charge is not always a bad thing. The similar age range can make it easier for you to communicate with and understand them. If you have suggestions or concerns, they might be more likely to listen and accommodate for you because they better understand your viewpoint. Try embracing the opportunity and maybe even run for a leadership position yourself.