UNCW icon Robin departs Wagoner Hall for the last time


Tyler Newman

Robin, front-end cashier at Wag Hall, smiles for her final photo at UNCW (missing: her purple coat).

Tyler Newman, Assistant News Editor

A smiling face and iconic purple North Face coat easily define the woman standing at the front register of Wagoner Hall.

To some, she’s “the lady in the purple jacket,” to others she’s “the sweet lady at Wag,” but to most she’s just, Robin.

Known simply by her first name, Robin’s last name has eluded students for the seven years she’s been employed at UNC Wilmington. While it’s best to keep it that way for her privacy, she is nevertheless one of the most widely known staff members on campus.

However, on Jan. 24, that all came to a bittersweet end.

On a short break before the end of her last shift, The Seahawk sat down with Robin in Wagoner Hall to get a perspective on the front-end cashier’s final day on the job.

“I am on my seventh year and I’m to the point in my life where I need to do some stuff before it’s too late, I’m going to go back to Oregon and help my mom out. So it’s a good thing,” she told us.

“I love the job I have, meeting all the students.”

Having been at UNCW for over half a decade, Robin told us that she’s acquired some skills for the job.

“You need the smile, when you come in.” She remarked, later musing on how her favorite part of the job was seeing all of the students every day.

Robin has also worked at Elon University, although not as a front-end cashier. Originally from Oregon, she moved to North Carolina years ago and found employment with Aramark, a campus dining company.

Through Aramark, she transferred from Elon to UNCW seven years ago, and students here in Wilmington know the rest of the story. Robin acknowledges clearly that working at UNCW has been her favorite job out of two universities.

Her smiling face has become nearly synonymous with Wag and campus dining.

“You know what’s funny though?” She asked. “Before I got the job I didn’t have it [the charisma]. But when I got this job, I said I’m going to be the best first person you guys ever see and I accomplished it.”

“That was not my personality before I got this job.”

She beamed at the mention of having accomplished her one goal, reflecting on years of memories at UNCW.

Robin made sure to leave a note to the students, advertising it over the weekend, so that no one would be blindsided by her departure, new or old student alike.

Having worked nights and weekends in Wag for so long, she’s become accustomed to watching the natural transition of students at UNCW from freshmen to seniors.

“I see the Freshmen a lot, then I see the Sophomores a little bit, and by the time you guys get to Juniors and Seniors, I’m seeing you just a little bit.”

But now, Oregon is the only thing on Robin’s mind, as is her mother.

“I’m hoping I have a few good years with her.” She said. “The kids are gonna be sad that I’m gone, but when they hear why I’m leaving, it makes it easier.”

“I’m gonna miss this job, I’m gonna miss the kids, but you know, I need to do what I need to do.”

Robin then gave her trademark smile for what would probably be her final photo taken behind the Wagoner Hall front register, and that was a wrap on her final day at UNCW.

Just like that, one of UNCW’s most well-known figures clocked out of a job she will never forget, for the last time.

Writer’s Note: Robin, from everyone here at UNCW, you will be greatly missed. You’ve left an impact on this campus and we all wish you and your family the absolute best.

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