Letter from the Editor

Noah Thomas, Sports Editor

If you have read The Seahawk’s sports section in the last two-plus years, it’s likely you already know who I am.

For those of you who don’t: My name is Noah Thomas. In late November, I was selected to be The Seahawk’s next Editor in Chief. And although my official start date isn’t until the end of the spring semester, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and explain some of the new tools our publication will implement in the near future.

About 18 months ago, The Seahawk made a significant change: It went from publishing print editions bi-weekly to printing just once per month. This was done in an effort to move forward with more of an emphasis on journalism’s “digital” landscape and focus on our web content.

It’s time to take another step forward.

Over the next few months, readers can expect to see short, self-produced videos attached with stories across our four sections – news, sports, lifestyles and opinion. Technology has changed the way newspapers operate, so we at The Seahawk believe is time to incorporate other modes of storytelling in our coverage.

With this shift to putting “digital first,” we’re looking to produce more content than ever before. In conjunction with publishing videos regularly, you can expect to see an increase in daily content in an effort to provide readers with more expansive and comprehensive coverage of all that occurs on UNC Wilmington’s campus.

And so, the next few months are sure to bring about a noticeable change in what readers see in The Seahawk’s content. However, the core values and dedication shown by our publication throughout the years remains stronger than ever, and we look forward to continuing bringing readers the same outstanding content in an increasingly digital age.

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