Former UNCW baseball player’s home burglarized, sports memorabilia stolen


Courtesy of Alex Groff

One of UNC Wilmington’s 2016 NCAA Regional Championship rings. A ring similar to this one was stolen from former UNCW baseball player Alex Groff’s home over the weekend.

Casey McAnarney, Editor-in-Chief

WILMINGTON — Former UNC Wilmington baseball player Alexander Groff’s sports memorabilia was stolen when his home in Wilmington was broken into over Thanksgiving Break.

Groff, a senior graduating this December earning a degree in marketing professional sales, was a pitcher on the baseball team and initially posted about the break-in on his personal Facebook page. In the public post, Groff said “today our house got broken in to” and that the majority of what was stolen was his UNCW sports memorabilia.

He discovered that the house was broken into when he went to his room after returning to the house after Thanksgiving Break. Groff was at his home until about 8 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 18, until he left with his family again and did not return until 2:30 to 3 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 19. Everything seemed normal until he walked into his room and discovered his cabinet drawers were open and room a mess, according to Groff.

“I immediately checked the rest of the house and then went to the surrounding neighbors to notify them and ask if they had seen anything,” Groff said. “I then contacted the rest of my roommates and sent them pictures of their rooms to see if they could verify if their stuff had been taken as well.”

After doing this, Groff walked around the house and his room to see what was taken. Once he discovered that his room seemed to be the only room “that was messed with,” his family arrived soon after and they learned what items were taken.

All of Groff’s personal baseball memorabilia was missing from his desk, along with a jersey that was hanging over the window, a watch that was gifted to him and a change jar by the door. Groff began to panic, realizing it was personal value items. From there, they contacted the police to file a report.

To his knowledge, the items taken were: his championship ring, regional plaque/medal received from the team’s participation in the South Carolina regional, UNCW student-athlete senior watch, fossil watch with black leather strap and silver face, and his military appreciation jersey.

“Both the ring and jersey have my last name and #40 on them,” Groff said.

No televisions, game consoles, laptops or other valuable items were taken from the home.

“These items hold great personal value to me,” Groff said, “so if anyone in the Wilmington area happens to know or find out any information of the whereabouts of these items, please contact me.”

The police are investigating the situation, though Groff does not have an official number for the officer investigating this issue yet. The Seahawk will update this article as information becomes available.

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