Advice from Sally Seahawk

Sally Seahawk, Contributing Writer

Q: I didn’t get the classes I needed during registration, and I’m frustrated. What should I do?

A: Don’t panic. This is a very common issue. UNC-Wilmington does everything they can to allow for everyone to get the classes that they need. I would start by registering for all the classes that you can register for. Get a tentative schedule together even if it wasn’t your first choice. Next, I would check to see if the classes that are full are offered at a different time than you had originally wanted. If not, the summer classes that are available are up to view, so I would check there as well.

If all those things don’t work, I would reach out to your advisor. Advisors are there to help you. They may be very busy, but they will make time to help you as best as they can.

–Sally Seahawk

Q: When should I start applying for summer internships? What are some good websites to find them?

A: A lot of summer internship applications are already available online in many different fields. Some deadlines have already passed, but majority have not. While every company is different, a lot of deadlines tend to fall around the beginning months of the year. So, pay attention to those deadlines and be sure to get them in on time with all the materials they ask for.

I have three websites that I go to for internship searching. First one I would start with is Type in the search bar what field you are interested in along with summer 2018. You can also filter it by location. Another great website is This website filters by what field you are interested in, what semester you are looking for, etc. You can also select other specific filters like paid and unpaid internships. The last one I use is This website is like but may have ones that does not have. Good luck in your search.

–Sally Seahawk

Q: I broke up with my high school boyfriend before leaving for college thinking that I would want to find someone new. I find myself missing him which leads to us falling back into old patterns by spending time together. What should I do?

A: I would first reflect on what you are looking out of the relationship with your ex. Are you falling back into old patterns because in a new environment you want something comfortable? Or are you genuinely falling for him again? There can sometimes be a gray area there. When we first get to college, it can be hard to adjust to all the big changes. Going back to something or someone that is familiar can be a coping strategy for some. So, first make sure you understand your feelings before deciding what to do next.

Either way, I would also discuss your feelings with him. Since you are struggling with this emotionally, it is worth bringing it up to him to see where he is at. Use your “I” statements so he does not immediately feel pressured to go one way or the other. Explain how you feel and then let him do the same. Since you are both going through these big changes together, the conversation should go well.

–Sally Seahawk