Deadline to cancel on-campus housing Nov. 1


Genevieve Guenther

Casey McAnarney, Editor-in-Chief

For on-campus students planning to leave UNC Wilmington for the spring semester — either indefinitely or with the intention of returning — the deadline to cancel on-campus housing is Nov. 1, and missing that deadline can be painful for your bank account.

According to a mass email sent out by UNCW’s Housing and Residence Life, “spring housing release requests must be submitted by November 1, 2017.” Failing to meet this deadline will result in a $100 late cancellation fee of on-campus housing for the spring semester.

The email stated that acceptable reasons to cancel on-campus housing are if a student is studying abroad in the spring, transferring to another university, withdrawing from UNCW, graduating in December or getting married. In the case of roommate disagreements or animosity within the apartment, Housing does not see this as an acceptable reason to be released from a contract.

“Having a conflict with one or more roommates is not a reason to be released from their agreement, which is similar to most off campus properties,” said Keith Wickliffe, Associate Director of Housing. “However, in these situations we often find animosity has arisen due to lack of communication and the need for understanding of all sides involved.  In these situations, unlike most off-campus properties, we work with all involved parties to facilitate communication and better understanding to resolve the conflict.  We also offer formal mediation and if necessary can arbitrate a situation when all parties are willing. When that is not successful, we can assist them in moving to an empty space that is more to their liking or helping them find people with which they can swap rooms.”

For some of these reasons, proof must also be provided in order to be released from an on-campus housing contract. For students studying abroad, a copy of the program acceptance letter is required. For students transferring, a copy of the acceptance letter to the new university is required. And for students who get married and want to move off-campus with a spouse, a marriage certificate is required to be released from the contract.

For students who have yet to receive word about their acceptance to transfer or study abroad at another university, housing suggests that students submit a pending housing release request by Nov. 1. Until the proper documentation is received, housing will hold onto the pending request. Nothing was specified as to if an individual plans to marry after Nov. 1 and still move off-campus for the spring, but Wickliffe ensured that these students would be accommodated for as well.

“Yes, a student who is getting married after Nov 1 or who just got married and are securing documentation can still put in a pending request and later provide documentation as noted,” Wickliffe said.

“It isn’t a big deal if students haven’t gotten their official acceptance yet since they can simply indicate to UNCW’s Housing and Residence Life that they intend to study abroad by completing a pending housing release request,” Dr. Kara Pike Inman, Director of the Education Abroad Programs, said. “Their housing isn’t actually cancelled until they receive and submit their official acceptance for their education abroad program.  Hopefully, given this flexibility, no one should be too stressed about the process.”

For students that do not make the deadline and do not follow any of the reasons that allow for accommodation, the late fee charge will be placed on their student account.