Advice from Sally Seahawk

Sally Seahawk, Contributing Writer

Q: I love eating at Hawk’s Nest but I feel like the lines take forever so is it worth having a meal plan or would you recommend just buying my own food?

A: Those long lines can be frustrating; I have had the unfortunate experience of standing in them myself. I want to start by saying that having a meal plan has a lot of great benefits. One of them being all the delicious options we have on campus. I challenge you to explore beyond Hawk’s Nest and try some of the other options on campus. There is The Landing located in Seahawk Landing, where you can enjoy specialty sandwiches and salads. There is also MOOYAH located in The Hub where you can enjoy burgers and milkshakes. Just to name a few. They are a bit of a walk but are well worth it for some extra exercise and possibly shorter lines.

If you are really craving food at the Hawk’s Nest specifically, I would take advantage of the Tapingo app. The app allows you to order food ahead of time to avoid the lines. You can order using any debit/credit card, food dollars, or Teal meals. The app updates you every step of the way to let you know how many minutes until you can pick up your food.

–Sally Seahawk

Q: I’ve been going steady with this guy for almost a year and he hasn’t wanted to have sex with me. What should I do?

A: I would start by talking to him about it. There could be a lot of reasons why he hasn’t brought it up. He could want to make sure you’re comfortable; he could be waiting for religious reasons, etc. However, before bringing it up, I would make sure you are clear on where you stand with sex and your relationship going forward. Make a clear decision on whether you are ready for that step or not.

From there, I would approach him and clearly state where you stand on it. Avoid assuming things or making accusations as to why sex hasn’t happened yet to avoid him possibly getting defensive. After you explain your stance, listen to his response fully before responding. Be open minded to any possible answer, as sex is a sensitive topic for a lot of people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be completely honest of your expectations from your relationship moving forward. However, be sure to always remain  respectful of his point of view and feelings on the issue as well.

–Sally Seahawk

Q: How do I, a stressed and overworked student who struggles with anxiety, help and handle my severely depressed significant other who doesn’t live in this state and who I rarely get to see?

A: I want to start out by pointing out how strong you are. It is truly a tough task to keep up with your responsibilities on top of taking care of someone else at a distance. A great idea for you would be to make an appointment with the counseling center. The counseling center would be able to help you cope with your struggles with anxiety or give you tips on how to better manage it. They would be a resource that you could reach out to when you are feeling especially anxious, overwhelmed, etc.

With your significant other, I would consider some similar resources for them to get the help they need. If your significant other is in college, I would look on their school’s website for their counseling center. Reassure them that by giving them information for additional help doesn’t mean that you don’t support them. Having a support system is very important but some things are better handled by professionals. There are some things you can’t help by being so far away and not being a professional in this field. However, you can help them through that process by listening and being there for support.

The counseling center at UNC Wilmington is located on the second floor in DePaolo Hall. The number to reach them is (910) 962-3746.

–Sally Seahawk