Cars broken into at Seahawk Landing residence area parking lot


The Seahawk Landing parking lot filled with student cars, days after four cars were broken into by unknown individuals.

Casey McAnarney , Editor in Chief

Five vehicles were broken into at the Seahawk Landing residence area on campus, according to the UNC Wilmington Police Department’s crime log.

The log stated that each car had been broken into, but not every car had something stolen from it. Each entry on the log for this incident read “vehicle entered” and some read “rummaged through,” but only two of the cars had items missing.

Some damage was reported to the vehicles. The soft top to a Jeep had been cut through and the passenger side window of another car had been broken.

One of the owners of the cars in question posted to the UNC Wilmington Class of 2019 private Facebook group warning other students about the incident.

“Just a quick warning to any of you living in the Landing,” student Scott Smith wrote. “My roommates and my cars were both broken into last night along with a few others that had cars unlocked. If there’s anything of value out in the open I would either bring it to your room or put it out of sight.”

Including yesterday, there have been a total of five incidents involving vehicles in SS Lot of the Landing residence area, according to UNCW Police Department Chief Chris Bertram.
“While they were reported at different times, it is likely they all occurred around the same time,” Chief Bertram said. “Two of those incidents resulted in thefts.”
The cases are currently under investigation, but there are no suspects at this time.  The best advice Chief Bertram and the UNCW Police Department can give regarding crimes like this is for students to lock their vehicles and to remove any valuables or hide them from view, such as locking them in the trunk of the car.

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