Project Update: The Hub dining hall


Haley Bolduc | The Seahawk

The Hub dining hall is currently under construction and is set to be complete this year.

Meredith Hoffman, Staff Writer

Students at UNC Wilmington can expect more available dining options on campus starting in May with the addition of The Hub. Currently under construction, The Hub will offer three dining options and an upstairs lounge for studying and group work.

Located between Graham-Hewlett Hall and the University Apartments, The Hub will provide late night hours that Megan Allred, a spokeswoman for the project, believes will benefit students with a stressful workload.

Courtesy of UNCW
An original drawing of the building shows what the school plans to complete.

In a similar fashion to other dining options on campus, The Hub will be an accessible dining option for students with or without a meal plan. Students will have the option of purchasing meals though their meal plans with the use of Teal Meals or Food Dollars. For those who do not have a meal plan, The Hub will be just as accessible as current dining options such as Hawks Nest.

The Hub will feature a new restaurant called MOOYAH Burgers which will serve burgers, shakes, salads, and fresh cut french fries. Additionally, The Hub will house a Starbucks and Provisions on Demand (P.O.D.) for students who do not live in close proximity to the small market.

In an interview with The Seahawk, Megan Allred asserts that The Hub was designed specifically with convenience to students in mind.

“The Hub will truly be a special feature because of its ability to serve students in a multitude of ways,” Allred said. “A variety of options for individual and community seating will create a space where students can gather to study, collaborate, socialize, relax and of course, eat! This one-stop-shop approach to a comprehensive student experience will create a literal student ‘hub’ – a place to hang with friends, meet for an early breakfast or late-night snack, study for tests, collaborate on projects and so much more!”

Haley Bolduc | The Seahawk
The Hub dining hall is still under construction.

The university sought the opinions of students when building The Hub, Allred said. A special committee called the Campus Hub Building Committee was formed during the initial planning stages of the Hub. The committee, which was comprised of several students, helped design The Hub along with faculty and the primary design team. Once these designs were completed, the plans were submitted to the Student Government Association and the Residence Hall Association for their input.

The construction of The Hub was a chief concern for students living around what would become an active construction area. However, the university maintains that the building of The Hub ultimately did not impact the daily life of residents due to “special precautions” which were taken to ensure that noise was kept to a minimum.

While an official opening date has not been announced, progress on The Hub is on track for completion in the spring of 2017. A progress update and a tentative opening date are expected to be announced this month by Auxiliary Services.

Haley Bolduc | The Seahawk
It is unknown when exactly construction will be, but the school assures it will be within this year.