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Molly Gordon and Rachel Sennott in Shiva Baby (2020).

REVIEW: The unsettling black comedy of “Shiva Baby”

Stephen Lambros, Contributing Writer April 9, 2021

The contained thriller isn’t a new idea in the general scope of cinema history. Many films have told the bulk of their stories within the constraint of a single time and location—comedies like “His...

REVIEW: 'Wonder Woman 1984'

REVIEW: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Boyce Rucker, Contributing Writer December 27, 2020

After a decade of big-budget superhero films filling cinema seats, Warner Bros. decided to take the first step in delivering the first big-budget superhero film of the year with the release of “Wonder...

Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman in the movie

REVIEW: ‘Mank’ is Fincher’s latest effort to sculpt Golden Age Hollywood

Boyce Rucker, Contributing Writer December 6, 2020
The biographical drama chronicles the life of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) and his effort in writing Citizen Kane while clashing with Hollywood elites and alcoholism.
REVIEW: The controversy of

REVIEW: The controversy of “Borat 2”

Boyce Rucker, Contributing Writer November 4, 2020
Presenting itself as offensive and satirical as ever, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” (2020) provides an effective and brilliantly laughable look at the current United States of America on a journey with Kazakhstan’s most bigoted, yet hilarious journalist. 
REVIEW: 'The Social Dilemma' is the movie 'Cuties' wanted to be

REVIEW: ‘The Social Dilemma’ is the movie ‘Cuties’ wanted to be

William Becker, Staff Writer September 22, 2020
“The Social Dilemma” is a thrilling look into what is wrong with the world today and how technology influences it. There’s a classic narrative of “phones are bad and kids should play outside,” but “The Social Dilemma” takes a much more striking and unique look into the demons of social media.
REVIEW: 'Unpregnant' is a road-trip to familiar tropes

REVIEW: ‘Unpregnant’ is a road-trip to familiar tropes

Stephen Lambros, Staff Writer September 21, 2020
Unpregnant is a perfectly serviceable film that many viewers will enjoy. The script is whip-smart, there are fun performances, and the subject it discusses is timely. It could have been a little more original, and it could have handled its subject with a little more nuance, but for what it’s worth, if HBO Max receives more films that are this well-rounded, they could certainly compete with the other streaming services
REVIEW: 'Cuties' is the opposite of cute

REVIEW: ‘Cuties’ is the opposite of cute

William Becker, Staff Writer September 18, 2020
If the Maïmouna Doucouré, the director of "Cuties", really wanted to comment on the over-sexualization of children, she should not have done so by putting heavy camera-emphasis on genitals and thrusting motions. The glamorization of this is not decreased at all by covering it in music that glorifies sex just as much as the movie does. It isn’t right, not even remotely so.
Jessie Buckley and Jessie Plemons in a scene from

REVIEW: “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is a cinematic brain freeze

Stephen Lambros, Staff Writer September 13, 2020
Charlie Kaufman’s latest foray into cerebral cinema, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, a film that is perhaps the least accessible film to the general public that Netflix has ever released—which in turn makes it their most exciting original film to date.

REVIEW: ‘John Was Trying To Contact Aliens’

William Becker, Staff Writer August 25, 2020

You would be forgiven for thinking John Shepard, the subject of “John Was Trying To Contact Aliens,” is a strange man. You would also be forgiven for thinking (at least before viewing) that “John...

REVIEW:  The quiet nostalgia of 'The Secret Garden'

REVIEW: The quiet nostalgia of ‘The Secret Garden’

Stephen Lambros, Staff Writer August 21, 2020
It’s still a shame that lukewarm reception will likely hold this film back from being a hit—when done right, films like The Secret Garden can become designated as classics. But for now, if this film plants seeds of inspiration for other film projects, it will likely be doing so in secret

REVIEW: “Project Power” is mid-grade at best

William Becker, Staff Writer August 19, 2020
The instant picture this brings to mind is of a thrilling battle between throngs of superheroes and supervillains filled with tons of explosions and unique superpowers slamming together for a fast-paced, end of the world style battle. The premise here is exceptional based on those details alone, setting the creators of “Project Power” up for an intensely exciting and culturally relevant piece of art. If this writeup so far has managed to make you excited to watch, I’m sorry, I was too. 
LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae in

‘The Photograph’ offers black representation and a smart love story

Valerie Keys, Managing Editor February 18, 2020

There are so many adjectives that describe “The Photograph": witty, gracious, smart, sexy, fun, spontaneous and an all-around classic love story. Following the death of her photographer mother, Mae ...

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