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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas in Deep Water (2022)

REVIEW: Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas can’t save ‘Deep Water’ from sinking

Boyce Rucker, Staff Writer March 20, 2022
“Deep Water” is an underwhelming and unfulfilling thriller that offers no suspense or closure. It’s hard to invest in when its characters and story fall flat. The film drowns in mediocrity as it fails to capitalize on the opportunities to make it strong, particularly in Affleck and de Armas.
Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa in Sex Education (2019).

8 shows and movies to watch after ‘Euphoria’

Boyce Rucker, Staff Writer March 16, 2022

Going through “Euphoria” withdrawal? Not to worry, there are plenty of other options to hold us over until the show returns. Whether we watch “Euphoria” for its adolescent themes, striking visuals,...

Rosalie Chiang in Turning Red (2022).

REVIEW: ‘Turning Red’ has a lot of heart but falls short of Pixar greatness

Eriq Dixon, Staff Writer March 13, 2022
"Turning Red" may not be Pixar’s most amazing film despite what it does offer. It’s childishly entertaining, easy on the eyes and features memorable characters that are sure to win the hearts of many. However, because the story fails to make any real attempt at a subtle approach to its theme, it loses emotional impact. It’s truly unfortunate that “Turning Red” is only a good movie when it could have been a great one.
Keagan Morgan, Rachel Osterhoudt, and Sydney Glenn promote their podcast Trauma Tuesdays with a fan-favorite combination of cake, glitter, and sorrows.

UNCW student podcast ‘Trauma Tuesdays’ is for the girls

Emma Geiszler, Staff Writer March 10, 2022
College is an especially hard time period to make friends, made worse recently by a pandemic that limits socialization. It is a time period when students can feel like they don’t know anything. “Trauma Tuesdays” doesn’t try to know more but rather learns and moves alongside their audience like a group of friends would. The learning curve is different for everyone in college, and friends, whether present personally or through a podcast, help the journey along.
Landon McClure, UNCW senior and model.

UNCW senior Landon McClure balances modeling and student life

Olivia Vizethann, Staff Writer March 8, 2022
In the midst of the pandemic, when the world shut down, McClure began the pursuit of his modeling career. He found inspiration in his mother who had herself worked in the modeling industry. Prompted by her encouragement, McClure reached out to “Directions USA,” the largest agency across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
Toni Collette and Jessica Barde in Pieces of Her (2022).

REVIEW: Toni Collette leads a scattered thriller in Netflix’s ‘Pieces of Her’

Boyce Rucker, Staff Writer March 6, 2022
Netflix’s specialty generally lies in creating a marketable series that pulls viewers in with compelling leads and a great premise, though there is the occasional misfire. Based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Karin Slaughter, “Pieces of Her” is an eight-episode series released to Netflix on March 4, 2022, starring Toni Collette as a mother whose past catches up with her. There is a strong presence in Collette, along with an intriguing, albeit overdone, premise. These elements are enough to generate excitement for the series. However, the show’s convoluted plot and a slow buildup prevent it from being an eventful watch.
Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz in The Batman (2022).

REVIEW: ‘The Batman’ displays ‘the world’s greatest detective’ in his element

Boyce Rucker, Staff Writer March 3, 2022
“The Batman” is not just one of the best Batman movies in years, but one of the best noir stories in recent memory. With due respect to what came before, Reeves adapts elements of the Batman mythos with sleek precision and care. Pattinson is riveting as the world’s greatest detective, portraying him as a broken man beneath a hard-boiled shell. If one were to watch “The Batman” without seeing its predecessors, they might think this is the first Batman film ever made, as it gives a deeper understanding of the character than ever before.
BOOK CLUB: Savor ‘Black Cake’ with The Seahawk

BOOK CLUB: Savor ‘Black Cake’ with The Seahawk

Abigail Celoria, Culture Editor March 3, 2022

The Seahawk welcomes the warmer weather of March with another book club pick! This month’s selection is “Black Cake,” Italy-based writer Charmaine Wilkerson’s debut novel. Named one of the...

The Christie Affair is a novel written by UNCW creative writing professor Nina de Gramot. It is the September pick for Reeses Book Club.

BOOK CLUB: ‘The Christie Affair’ is a twisty, tragic mystery that Agatha Christie herself would devour

Abigail Celoria, Culture Editor March 2, 2022
The Seahawk’s February book club pick “The Christie Affair” is a mystery that will keep you pushing off work for one more page. If you are an Agatha Christie fan, this is the perfect novel for you. Besides the famous author playing a titular role in the plot, the web Nina de Gramont spins in this fictionalized account of Christie’s disappearance is something Christie herself would applaud.
Maude Apatow as Lexi in All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I cannot Name, (Euphoria 2022).

RECAP: ‘Euphoria’ finishes up the season with a mixed bag that may take time to unwrap

Boyce Rucker, Staff Writer March 1, 2022
“Euphoria” season two is an ambitious return to the deeply flawed characters that we can’t help but love to watch. After a long absence, we are reminded of the series’ allure and the artistry that goes into crafting each episode. Season three may seem like a long time from now, but, like the characters, we can always dream of what it entails until then.
Maude Apatow in The Theatre and its Double, (Euphoria 2022).

RECAP: A night at the theater offers the ‘Euphoria’ characters a look in the mirror

Boyce Rucker, Staff Writer February 23, 2022
Season two’s first episode quickly gave us plenty to look forward to for several weeks. Elements such as Rue’s (Zendaya) relapse, Nate (Jacob Elordi) and Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) faulty entanglement and Cal’s (Eric Dane) self-realization drove us to speculation every week. “The Theater and It’s Double'' gives us our best look at Lexi yet. If Nate & Cassie’s relationship is the MVP subplot of the season, then Lexi’s (Maude Apatow) play is like a stealth plane that surprises us and elicits so many emotions within the hour. While this episode does not have much plot progression until the end, it offers a lot to analyze as the characters see themselves through Lexi’s play.
Cierra Peterkin as Miranda in The Tempest.

REVIEW: UNCW’s ‘The Tempest’ is a modern commentary on Shakespeare’s timelessness

Kiley Woods, Photography Editor February 19, 2022
This play was brought to life with modern costumes that relate heavily to each character’s personality and a simple set that depicts trees and vines in a way that makes them appear to be right out of a nightmare. The plot is hard to follow, and the dialogue is beyond comprehension, unless Shakespeare's language comes easily to you. This show ponders what it is like to be taken by fear itself. It is a commentary on the connections that are built between characters who have nothing in common other than their proximity to one another while stranded on an island, or perhaps they are just under the mystical island's control.
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