Red Hair: Once Rare, Now Everywhere

James Edmonds | Contributing Writer

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UNCW’s campus is starting to look like it is having a redhead convention…every day. It seems like I have several sightings on the way to each of my classes. From where I am currently sitting in William H. Randall Library I can see six redheads. Six! For a species that is supposed to be going extinct, I think redheads are doing quite well in Wilmington.

Despite the obvious issues Wilmington weather poses to redheaded inhabitants, the numbers are still growing. Part of being a Seahawk is spending a good amount of time at the beach, and for redheads to risk turning into giant lobsters to be a part of this community takes a degree of dedication and courage that we can all learn from.

In addition to the great example they set for all Seahawks, redheads also have other advantages. Seeing redheads on campus is energizing. Redhead sightings refresh and warm the soul. Just the other day I was walking towards a class that I dread and I noticed two redheads walking together. Immediately my scowl was replaced with an ear-to-ear grin as I continued to stare at them in an overly-obvious and potentially creepy manner.

In a very serious and professional poll of three random girls at the table next to me, two out of three UNCW students find that the mere presence of redheads has a positive effect on their energy level and attitude.

These effects can also be seen on the UNCW men’s soccer team. “Shaun Utterson’s fiery red hair shines as a beacon for all those who have lost their way,” says Cody Frennea, a junior midfielder for the men’s soccer team. “His hair ignites passion and courage in the face of tough opponents.”

 UNCW has perennially had a highly ranked student body as far as general attractiveness goes, rated the hottest student body on the East Coast by Playboy magazine, so the influx of redheads should have a positive effect on those rankings. Perhaps we’ll finally take over the coveted number one spot in the nation.

All things considered, I think redheads around campus deserve some thanks for all the doors they have opened up for Seahawks everywhere. Next time you see one (or eight) on your walk to class, stop and thank them for being so awesome.