How to find motivation in the quarantine


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Cierra Noffke, Staff Writer

The waves of the coronavirus have left most of us deserted in our homes, dwindling beneath our desire to go back to sleep or to go out into a functioning society once again. I have found, with the progression of these past few weeks, that mustering up the will to finish my homework, to attend live classes and funnel valuable energy into upcoming projects takes a special streak of motivation.

Thus, I have compiled a list of methods to help anyone struggling with productivity. There is no secret to these suggestions. If you want to achieve something, you actually have to go and do it. Sometimes, though, we need a little help getting out of our beds and our pajamas.

My number one suggestion is not on the list because it is something I have tucked away into every morsel of advice: be kind to yourself. Quarantining and isolating is rough. Looking at the news for too long brings waves of anxiety.

If you have managed to accomplish something, anything, be it putting on a new pair of pajamas or making something special for lunch—congratulations! You have done something and I have full faith that you have done it well.

If you are still in bed, that is okay too. Maybe this list will give you something new to think about.

Five Ways to Muster Up Motivation and Energy

Drink water

Roll your eyes if you want, at this one. Drinking water purifies your body. Your cells are craving it from the second your eyes open from your first (or third) slumber. A large portion of your body is composed of water and if you do not replenish yourself enough times in a day you will become dehydrated and tired. Drink some water. If you do not like water, try squeezing in some lemon, slicing fruit into your glass or using one of the helpful tips from this health system website.

Make yourself some tea or coffee

For this bit, I will share some coveted and secret barista advice from a retired barista herself. We all have different susceptibilities to the taste of tannins (the stuff that makes coffee bitter), so some of us will like it and some of us will not—and that is okay! Making a cup of coffee (or tea if you do not like the coffee so much) gives your cells a little jolt of caffeine.

Attempt some exercise

Get moving! Exercising releases a wealth of endorphins, oxygen and other nutrients to your body. Sometimes, exercising rewards you with extra energy for the day—and helps you sleep better at night. Stretch on the ground in your jammies, sprint down the street or go for a walk in the woods—whatever you choose. Anything you do counts, just as long as you try.

Go outside

Go out and breathe some fresh air into your lungs. You need it, similar to the way you need water. This article published by Harvard Medical school supplies several interesting facts, linked to studies, about rejuvenation, joy and energy sparked from wandering in the great out of doors. Sunlight is, truly, healing (just do not forget sunscreen). If it is possible, try moving your work outside. If it is nice, go for a nature walk. If it is not so nice, stare moodily out the window whilst listening to Mozart’s Requiem. It does wonders for the soul.

Treat yourself

This one I will leave up to you, although I do have an article of quarantine recipes here if the notion strikes you. If you are so inclined, put a facemask on, take a bath, watch your favorite movie with your favorite blanket. Add whipped cream to your coffee as a delightful surprise. Bake something warm and sweet. Whatever you choose to do, put all the extra love you have inside it, and I promise it will be rewarding.