A peek inside the Boseman gallery: We Are UNCW exhibit

Sydney Blair, Contributing Writer

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Like a row of oblong dominoes, five lunette windows — half-moon shaped and lucent — assemble in a line. The middle window is bigger than the others and aligns in front of the entrance.

Below the divide of the window, a label reads, “WE ARE UNCW.” The school-color, navy-blue text adhered to the wall contrasted with the winter-white surface. The title of the exhibit was revealed in the inconspicuous placement of the three-word statement.

The Ann Flack Boseman Gallery showcased 30 captivating portraits; they depict students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of UNC Wilmington — framed faces with genuine expressions, confident postures, personal artifacts and distinctive uniforms.

Charles Ozuna

Along with being a Career Development Counselor, Ozuna is a friend to his colleagues. They go to the beach, concerts, barbeques, weddings and shows together. Through two of his colleagues, he has acquired brand new grill and surfing skills.

“I didn’t know she surfs, and her fiancé doesn’t surf but guess what,” Ozuna said. “She’s teaching me and her fiancé surfing lessons. I’m like, yeah, of course, I’ve always wanted to surf.”

Ozuna is also a fan of Wawa convenience stores. North Carolina does not have them, but Wawa is one of his first stops when he visits his family in New York and New Jersey.

“I still have my Wawa card,” Ozuna said. “I’m like, French vanilla coffee and can I get a hoagie? Then I keep going on one happy camper.”

Extroverted and charismatic. Ozuna encourages students to try new things. Dressed in a dark suit, vest and tie. Ozuna levitated from a lamp post with open arms that imitated the branches on the oak tree behind him.

Midori Albert

The portrait was filled with predominantly achromatic colors. Dr. Albert’s fingertips touched the sides of the human skull.

Her eyes faced down as she examined the skeletal remains; it is placed on top of what looked like a coral-colored mat.

“The photo illustrates some of what forensic osteologists do—measure bones, analyze skeletal material—to develop what’s called the identity or biological profile of unknown human remains,” Dr. Albert said. “The profile gives estimations of sex, age at death, stature, ancestry, pathology.”

A skeleton stood upright in the background.

Quendi Laura Cruz Garcia

Green, white and red. Garcia held out the flag of Mexico. A third of the flag hid behind her. The fierce color acted timid in the presence of the camera and the wind.

Garcia is a prior member of Centro Hispano and the Recreation Therapy program at UNCW.

“It was through the support of UNCW staff members, recreation therapy staff, and specifically Dr. Segovia and Dr. Boomershine that encouraged me to follow my ideas,” Garcia said.

She posed on the field in front of Hoggard Hall. The greenery blurred in the background. The row of trees looked like obscure tops of broccoli.

— three of 30 portraits showcased in the We Are UNCW exhibit.

The Office of University Relations (OUR) created about 300 profiles in the last five years. The establishment of We Are UNCW was primarily initiated by the Chief of Communications Officer of OUR, Janine Iamunno.

“The profiles serve as a way to introduce people who don’t know much about UNCW to the kind of people who are Seahawks,” Andrea Weaver, the Deputy Director of OUR said. “We try to put a personal face on the stories the university is trying to tell.”

Making at least one profile per week during the semester, the OUR Team continues to share stories and give recognition to people in the UNCW community.