REVIEW: “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies”


Jonathan Montague, Staff Writer

As a young and impressionable nerd, I was a big fan of the 2003 cartoon “Teen Titans.” The show later received a comedic reboot that many fans of the original show are opposed to. Personally, I think it has merit but can be hit or miss. Still, it is perfect for its target audience. Now, we have “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies,” the big-budget adaptation. Does this movie win the Oscar?

The film opens with the Titans attending the movie premiere of Batman’s latest film, discovering that no one in the superhero community takes them and their antics seriously. Robin wants a movie to prove he’s a real superhero so the team works to get themselves an arch-nemesis in Slade. However, Slade’s master plan may prove more than the Titans can handle.

First things first, this movie is funnier than it has any right to be. There are laughs a plenty and even the jokes that didn’t land for me were still incredibly clever and thought out. They poke fun at a lot areas, including comic book history, the superhero movie era that we are in and DC Comics in general. The plot meanders somewhat but the comedy connects it enough. There were some opportunities I felt they could have taken advantage of, though. The characters are all entertaining and exaggerated and the dialogue is well written, although Starfire’s speech patterns could get annoying at times.

The voice actors are just as great in these parts as they’ve always been and the celebrity voice actors have excellent comedic timing, jelling with the tone very well. Something I was particular glad about was the fact the cast of the show got top billing, which you would think would go to the A-listers. The animation is very fluid and incorporates the occasional third dimension well. The songs are also really fun and catchy, with Michael Bolton providing a very nice, upbeat number.

“Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” will be a pleasant surprise for anyone involved, with great humor, pretty animation and in-jokes to spare. Don’t be ashamed if you go without the kids! It’s actually worth it!