REVIEW: “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”


Jonathan Montague, Staff Writer

Sequels are pretty much the bread and butter of Hollywood nowadays. Whether it be a follow-up to a very successful movie or a new installment in an old and treasured franchise, it feels like sequels are all you see – even if the sequel was not originally planned. In many cases, the trend continues with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the most recent addition to the franchise of dinosaurs, theme parks and science gone mad. Does it deliver some new thrills for the audience to enjoy?

The film picks up three years after the Indominus Rex attack with Claire Dearing now running a foundation hoping to protect the dinosaurs from the outside world. When Isla Nublar (the main island since the first film) becomes uninhabitable due to an imminent volcanic eruption, Claire and Owen Grady are reunited and recruited to save the ancient beasts. Things are not as they appear to be, however, and it seems that an even greater threat than the Indominus could loom over the horizon.

The plot of this movie is honestly very predictable for the most part. The plotline of weaponized dinosaurs returns and is just as ridiculous as before. You know who the bad guys are as soon as they enter the frame and there are very few twists to speak of. In fact, there is only one real twist and it comes too late in the narrative because they have to focus on the climactic battle. Still, the plot is paced well enough that it is easy to digest and delivers the action steadily throughout.

The characters of Owen and Claire are much improved from the previous installment in the fact that there is actually chemistry and you actually believe they were in a previous relationship, despite this being the SECOND time they have done this plot point. The little girl was likable enough, but it is very clear that they created her and her grandfather merely as a way to tie it back to John Hammond. The tone of this movie is more grave than the first, with few attempts at comedy once the conflict gets going. The villains of the movie are pretty generic overall, merely serving as a vehicle to the final boss.

The actors all deliver decent performances but I doubt they will use any of it for their reels over other material. The only exception is Isabella Sermon, who portrays young Maisie and does an amazing job, especially for her age. Jeff Goldblum does return as the franchise’s most consistent character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, and he gives his lines for the trailer convincingly.

You cannot fault the action and effects in this movie. Visually, the film is captivating, colorful and delivers the spectacle people are looking for. The score by Michael Giacchino sounds almost operatic, even downright tragic at points.

I will say that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will deliver a decent time to most moviegoers. The action is good and the main characters are slightly better written. Still, I cannot recommend it above a matinee price.