REVIEW: “Deadpool 2”

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REVIEW: “Deadpool 2”

Jonathan Montague, Staff Writer

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Deadpool was the surprise monster hit of 2016 and deservedly so. They managed to craft an exciting action film that was only boosted by its devout loyalty to the character and its source material. They even had the gall to just tell us up front that popular comic character Cable would be in the movie. Well, that sequel is here and how does it measure up?

Deadpool 2 follows everyone’s favorite fourth-wall breaker Wade Wilson who is searching for meaning after his life falls apart. Working with the X-Men, he comes across Russell, a young mutant with pyrokinetic abilities and both end up in what amounts to Mutant Supermax. However, both end up in the crosshairs of Cable, a powerful time-traveling cyborg from the future seeking revenge against the supervillain Russell will grow up to be. Now it’s up to Deadpool to save Russell and maybe even himself along the way.

Deadpool 2 is a good follow-up to the first movie and improves it in some areas, but falters in others. For one, the plot is much more complex with a lot more to offer than the first, which admittedly had a simple plot (although that was part of the joke). The dialogue is just as snappy as the first and brings a lot of great comedy, including numerous fourth-wall breaks. The only real problem with the script is that some comedic scenes simply drag on WAY too long. There were also a few too many callbacks to the first film for my taste. One scene in particular devolved from very funny to kind of annoying to “Oh God, please end!!”

There is a strong theme of family in this movie, with Wade working to find his own. As a character, he truly does grow in this movie. Seeing his connection with this kid build and grow is compelling. Russell can be annoying at times, but you do end up rooting for him. Newcomer Cable stands out as an obvious foil to the Merc with a Mouth with a classically tragic backstory and many cool new abilities, though I’m sure someone will complain about his smaller stature than in the comics. A character no one expected to be so likable was Domino with unwavering confidence in her luck-based powers.

The acting in this movie is very good and Ryan Reynolds once again makes Deadpool one of the most likable jerks in cinema history. Julian Dennison gives a great performance and I really hope his career continues to prosper. Josh Brolin does a great job being the grim, serious of our main character and is very imposing. There are also a lot of great cameos that you would never expect, including the one you can’t even see.

The action scenes are greatly improved from the first film. They are able to be a lot more creative and exciting this time around. The costumes are for each character are really good and the CGI, save for one surprise character, looks excellent. There are also some great songs for the soundtrack, with a new remix of the “Deadpool Rap.”

Overall, there are a lot of things to love about Deadpool 2 and it’s a good time at the theater. I just wish the comedy could have been tighter in many areas. The characters and action do make up for it though. If you haven’t already, go see this one.