REVIEW: “Jessica Jones” season 2

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Jonathan Montague, Staff Writer

Out of all of Marvel’s Netflix series, “Jessica Jones” was easily the breakout hit of them all. With strong complex characters and an intense storyline with amazing commentary, this series impressed us all and had us looking forward to her inevitable second season. Did it live up to the hype? In my opinion, yes.

We pick up a few months after the events of the Defenders, with Jessica struggling with the “hero” reputation and what that means to her and the community. Convinced by her sister, Trish, to investigate IGH, the death of her family and the origin of her powers, Jessica finds herself up against a killer unlike anything she has ever faced and begins a trip down a dark rabbit hole with no idea on what side she’ll come out.

I have seen many complaints about this season, all amounting to it not being as good as the first one. I would agree that the first season is still better, but I believe this one has more than enough of a leg to stand on, crafting a compelling and highly entertaining narrative. Like previous Marvel shows, the pacing can be slow in the beginning, but it picks up by the fourth episode, with more than enough twists and turns to keep the viewers satisfied. The writers worked hard to make a plot that seemed unique compared to the first, but well-written in its own right.

The characters that return from the first season are all back and carry the story well. Jessica is as sassy and self-destructive as always but learns to connect and trust her friends more. Trish starts heading down her own dark path in pursuit of justice and heroism. One of the colder characters from the first season, Jeri Hogarth, has a new journey that actually makes you sympathize with her, even after her previous actions.

I would mention the villains, but I would not dare spoil it here, as its one of the cleverer aspects about this season and what made it so good in my opinion. I will say that you should not expect another Kilgrave as the writers went in a different direction, and in my opinion, it was for the better. For those who complain about the villain for not being as good as the previous, they might want to check the comments that the writers made

There are strong themes of heroism, family, trust, and loyalty, as well as darker ones such as addiction and morality. They all get adequate time to give the viewer something to think about once they are done bingeing.

The performances are on par with the first season, that is to say incredible. Krysten Ritter embodies everything great and tragic about Jessica Jones as a character, with numerous faults but so much humanity that one cannot help but root for her. Rachael Taylor and Eka Darville (as Malcolm Ducasse) do an excellent job of portraying the turmoil that their characters endure, as does Carrie-Anne Moss. The new actors also hold their own, giving heartfelt and compelling performances.

The purple-blue color palette returns and their grungy view of New York with it. Whether in the slums or the high class, they know how to make New York look good and seedy at the same time. The music is okay, but not necessarily memorable, excepting that catchy theme song.

“Jessica Jones” steps into its second season strong, maintaining its reputation as the best Marvel show on Netflix. Strong character growth gives a new but satisfying flavor to the show. I personally think that “Jessica Jones” fans will like this season as long as they realize that they are not trying to recreate the magic of the first season and instead create something new and challenging. Even then, it’s up to you.