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The bane of printed media

Daniel Dawson | Contributing Writer

October 28, 2012

As a self-proclaimed book lover, it may be ironic for me to say that I hate the library. Well, I do. I loathe the shelves of mostly outdated reference books; I cringe at the never-touched, expensive encyclopedia sets; and most of ...

Affirmative action: the minority opinion

Joseph Lowe | Contributing Writer

October 28, 2012

 "Dude, the only reason why UNCW accepted you is because you're black." Funny thing is I'm Hispanic, too.If I had a dollar for every time the thought crosses a colleague's mind, my college ticket would be paid for.It seems a m...

Women in binders: should Romney’s comment affect your decision

Jeffrey Cashwell | Contributing Writer

October 28, 2012

If you're looking for binders full of women to stimulate your pension, then Governor Romney has you covered.A gaffe by the governor has received widespread criticism, especially at UNCW where approximately 60 percent of campus i...

Romney: “Bush 2.0”

Juliane Bullard | Lifestyles Editor

October 22, 2012

While some may say that the recent town hall debate wasn't as clear a victory for Obama as was Romney's in the first presidential debate, one thing did become clear after watching the broadcast live-Romney is running for George...

Fact checking and the American voter

Megan Henry | Contributing Writer

October 22, 2012

 As predicted, this year's election has proved explosive, with both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama struggling to maintain a lead in the polls. The resulting efforts to sway voters are perhaps most apparent in the hotly contested...

Education, gumption, and the ‘welfare state’

James Edmonds | Staff Writer

October 14, 2012

I never was able to put my finger on why I didn't like school until this year. After spending 15 relatively quiet, passive years in North Carolina's public education system, this last year is when things started to snap. I bega...

Private sector progress at any animal’s expense

Lori Wilson | Contributing Writer

September 28, 2012

With the state of our country, boosting the struggling economy is a priority, but at what expense-or should I say whose?For decades, contractors and home developers have been stacking up suburban neighborhoods in areas that were ...

Why they are worlds apart

Michael Carollo | Contributing Writer

September 25, 2012

In short, it's the Republicans.  I know that answer sounds excessively partisan, but I do think the facts speak for themselves.  The primary cause of the polarization in Washington is because the Republican Party over the last hal...

Michelle Obama moves crowd at DNC

Bhavana Vadlamani | Contributing Writer

September 23, 2012

 Michelle Obama delivered a powerful and touching speech at the Democratic National Convention as she successfully humanized her husband, President Barack Obama, and genuinely portrayed his vision for the country as the fulfi...

“Nobamas” have no solutions for college students

Megan Henry | Contributing Writer

September 23, 2012

 The upcoming Presidential debate on October 3rd has both Democrat and Republican supporters discussing - or arguing- why their candidate will be the perceived winner. The 2008 presidential election inspired a record turnout ...

Teal Letters: The stories students tell their chancellor

Lauren Clairmont | Assistant Lifestyles Editor

September 22, 2012

As part of UNCW's Synergy Common Reading experience this fall, students are asked to write "Teal Letters" to Chancellor Miller about everything from personal experiences to campus complaints.            Similar to Pr...

Worlds apart

Tyler Davis | Contributing Writer

September 17, 2012

If one thing has become apparent in the aftermath of the recent party conventions, it is that our nation's two most prominent political parties are more polarized than ever before. Individuals on the right see the liberals as...

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