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Trending and transparent

Tabitha Shiflett| Staff Writer

September 19, 2013

Transparent clothing has been rocking the runway, making its way onto the red carpet and slowly forming a scene on Chancellors Walk.As we all know, I ranted about see-through clothing once before, yet it has still nudged its way i...

Financial aid for Seahawks

Liz Cooper | Contributing Writer

September 15, 2013

Each year the families of dependent college students are assumed to pay a certain amount toward the cost of their children’s higher education.  But the expected amount reflects inaccurate assumptions which force students into into ta...

House Bill 937 allows guns on campus: the time for Kevlar umbrellas has come

Lindsey Hogan | Contributing Writer

September 15, 2013

Last Saturday a gun buyback at Grace Methodist local church ended thirty minutes after it began when their $4,000 budget, donated by private citizens, ran out.In just half an hour, the church purchased 67 firearms. Residents, appa...

Begin the debt ceiling countdown

Jeff Winkle | Staff Writer

September 13, 2013

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew recently announced that the government will arrive at its debt limit in the middle of October—much sooner than expected, and implying that the United States government will no longer be able to b...

The Downward Spiral of a Yoga Pants Addiction

Hunter Houtzer | Staff Writer

April 27, 2013

"I'll never be one of those girls," I once thought while slipping my hands into the back pockets of my jeans. Yoga pants are for sleeping, not to be worn past the mailbox, I felt.  Only lazy people wear them to class. I didn't ...

Fashion: It’s not okay, so stop pretending like it is

Tabitha Shiflett | Staff Writer

April 20, 2013

A lot of women I've seen have the problem of wearing leggings as pants, and what's their excuse: "Because they're comfortable."I'm sorry, but this excuse isn't good enough for me, or for the public. No one wants to see your und...

Please don’t let it be a Muslim

Roel Escamilla | Contributing Writer

April 16, 2013

Boston, MA- two simultaneous bombs rip the peaceful events of Patriots Day to shreds. Their wake leaves three dead and over 175 injured. As Americans unite in the hours and days following the possible terrorist attack, some are left praying ...

Time to kill the Death Penalty

Noah Ponton | Contributing Writer

April 16, 2013

North Carolina should really take a hint from its neighbor to the north; Maryland, to be exact. It was just weeks ago that Maryland became the 18th state in the union to outlaw the death penalty, a barbaric and medieval practice...

The Hesitant Generation

Evan Amezcua | Contributing Writer

April 14, 2013

Ask my parents why they decided to move here, and they'll give you a handbag of generic reasons: for my education; they've always wanted to live by the beach; it's a growing, tranquil city. But if you give it just enough time ...

Etiquette for witnessing campus wipe outs

Hunter Houtzer | Staff Writer

April 13, 2013

It's a harrowing journey, walking from class to class on Chancellor's. The massive on-rush of students, educational booths, and blinding Wilmington sunshine turn the average walk to class into a heart-pumping, dizzying event- ...

UNCW Crushes and Seahawk Stalkers gives “Generation Y” an outlet

Juliane Bullard | Editor-in-chief

April 5, 2013

While researching this article, I did what most students who frequent UNCW's latest web craze do- I stalked the stalkers of UNCW Crushes and Seahawk Stalkers. I didn't just read every single Facebook post available. If there was a person mentioned and tagged I stalked them too (if this page teache...

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