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A sign posted inside the Student Media Center and disinfecting wipes.

How clubs are adapting to the return to virtual

Boyce Rucker, Intern September 16, 2021
With North Carolina’s widespread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, the chances of a return to normalcy at UNCW seemed fairly optimistic. However, such progress came to a halt when UNCW notified students of a COVID-19 cluster in Sandpiper Residence Hall on August 23, 2021. The following day, it was announced that the university would suspend all in-person events and activities that are not related to coursework. On Monday, UNCW extended current guidelines and restrictions until Oct. 15.
Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo in

REVIEW: ‘The Voyeurs’ questions how far we’ll go for a peek

Grace Hall, Contributing Writer September 14, 2021
The most impressive portion of this movie was the writing: the movie unravels itself completely, then twists itself back up into a knot—it all comes full circle. It questions modern reality, and what’s real. What are the costs of seeing into others’ lives? Are we truly okay with others watching us? How far will we really go to watch—and do we even want to see?
Events Calendar: September 13-19

Events Calendar: September 13-19

Kiley Woods, Contributing Writer September 13, 2021
Looking for something to do this week? The Seahawk has rounded up events at UNCW and in the Wilmington community so you can start making plans.
Oscar Isaac as William Tell in

REVIEW: Oscar Isaac shines amidst the darkness and brutality of ‘The Card Counter’

Boyce Rucker, Intern September 12, 2021
Despite its namesake, and the slick style portrayed in its trailer, the film is only about high-stakes poker on surface level. More than anything, it’s the character study of a broken man and a critique on the inhumanity of military interrogation in the Iraq War.
Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp and Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky in

REVIEW: ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’ offers a chilling take on the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal

Boyce Rucker, Intern September 11, 2021
While it’s still too early to tell if “American Crime Story: Impeachment” is as great as its predecessors in the “American Crime Story” series, the premiere shows a promise of strong, quality storytelling. The episode stands out for the depth given to each character through the combination of writing and strong acting performances.
One of Martinez's photos featuring Waldron

Former UNCW professor opens gallery exhibit dedicated to jazz

Kiley Woods, Contributing Writer September 9, 2021
Martinez’s medium is a Rolleiflex camera and a Nikon 35 mm. Many of the photos are what Martinez calls “action photographs” because they were taken in jazz clubs where he was able to stand right next to these musicians. Martinez said he used the contours of his subjects’ music to find the perfect moment where the musician's facial expression and instrument would come together. Some were taken on the street to capture a moment that only lasted a second. 
Events Calendar: September 6-12

Events Calendar: September 6-12

Kiley Woods, Contributing Writer September 6, 2021

Looking for something to do this week? The Seahawk has rounded up events at UNCW and in the Wilmington community so you can start making plans. Monday, Sept. 6  Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market   Come...

Simu Liu in

REVIEW: ‘Shang-Chi’ is an energetic and heartfelt action film

Boyce Rucker, Culture Intern September 5, 2021
The film follows Shang-Chi, played by actor Simu Liu, on an adventure that forces him to confront the dark past that he has been trying to forget. His ordinary life in San Francisco is interrupted by the presence of the Ten Rings, the peace-destroying organization that was first introduced in “Iron Man." The organization’s leader, and Shang-Chi’s father Wenwu, played by Tony Leung, intends to enlist Shang-Chi for a supernatural task that may hold dire consequences for the entire world.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in

REVIEW: ‘Candyman’ might be the best film of the summer

Boyce Rucker, Culture Intern August 29, 2021
Co-written and directed by Nia DaCosta, the Jordan Peele-produced sequel reimagines and updates the “Candyman” narrative to present the horrific flaws regarding the perception of art and social justice in the present day.The film presents a heavy theme that revolves around the differences in social class, as well as the victimization of Black people at the hands of a flawed justice system.
Hugh Jackman in

REVIEW: Even with Jackman, ‘Reminiscence’ fails to fulfill its compelling premise

Boyce Rucker, Intern August 21, 2021
Set in the climate change-induced ocean-flooded future Miami, the film follows Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), a private investigator and the owner of a clinic that allows clients to enter a machine and relive past memories of their choice. Bannister’s world changes when he meets a mysterious client named Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), with who he begins a romance shortly after. After being in a relationship with her for months, she suddenly disappears one day without a trace or warning.
Sierra McCormick in

REVIEW: ‘American Horror Stories” offers nostalgia and not much else

Boyce Rucker, Contributing Writer July 17, 2021
t creating an initial sense of unease and tension, but the effect devolves due to the writing and its reliance on shock factor. The first part recaptures the groundedness of “AHS: Murder House” and creates a somewhat moody atmosphere that can be attributed to the production design of the house’s interior, the ambient musical score and the dark cinematography. 
The Giblem Lodge at 720 Princess St.

The Historic Wilmington Foundation honors Preservation Month with slate of new projects

Abigail Celoria, Contributing Writer July 11, 2021
There are five, each reflecting this central goal in order to preserve and highlight elements of the community history that deserve its support.
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